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What’s on Your Anti-Resume?

Posted in Behavior, Business, Culture, Human Resources, Unlearn Strategy

CareerChoice Unlearning is about having some intellectual humility and checking your ego. To this end, I'd like to suggest that another way to unlearn is draft up an anti-resume. An anti-resume is, quite simply, a list of knowledge you don't have or experiences which you haven't yet, well, experienced.

For example, what didn't you study in college? 

What books or magazines don't you read? 

What jobs haven't you held?

Where in the world haven't you traveled?

The list could go on and on and my point isn't make you feel inadequate (all you have to do to rectify the above shortcomings is add the "yet" after each statement.) Rather, it is to highlight how little each of us really knows.

Remember, the key to future is not about "knowing what you know," it's more about "knowing what you don't know." And, admit it, you don't even know as much as you'd like to know. The proof is on your anti-resume.

4 thoughts on “What’s on Your Anti-Resume?”

  1. Really Nice and thought provoking idea to be implemented in life.

  2. Srikanth says:

    It would be a damn nice thing to do…

  3. Whitebarrel says:

    Interesting post. Really gets you thinking about either:
    1. Stretching your knowledge base
    2. Honing and focusing your skills in your core competencies
    Peter Saddington

  4. Great paradigm shift and mind flip. As someone who is realizing lately that my life is more than 50% over, I need to start focusing less on building my resume and more on building my anti-resume!!

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