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Creativity and Unlearning

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6a00e55291856388330147e330c7d3970b-320wi August Turak has written an insightful post entitled Can Creativity Be Taught. I have also written about unlearning and the creativity process before but I'd like to just highlight a few key points from his article:

1. "Asking radically different questions in a non-linear way is the key to creativity." (If you're looking for some new questions you might try these, and if you're looking to think in a non-linear way you might recall the lesson of the lily pad).

2. "Becoming creative is an unlearning rather than a learning process … because it upends existing assumptions." (This is why "If something goes without saying, you should question it.)

3. "Creativity is highly correlated with self-knowledge but it is impossible to overcome biases if we don't know they are there."

4. "You should seek a mentor that infuriates your ego rather than soothes it." 

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