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Shedding Some Light on the Coming Genomic Revolution

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Twenty-two hundred years ago, you needed to work 50 hours to buy an hour of light from a sesame oil lantern. Today, to purchase an hour of an even cleaner and brighter light, it takes the average person about half a second. Such is the nature of technological progress. Yet, I think we can all…

GPS: Cradle to Grave

Posted in Aging Services

It was recently reported that a day care facility in Sweden is now using GPS technology to help keep track of children during field trips. The same technology had been used now for a few years by some nursing homes to help keep track of Alzheimer patients. GPS technology also, of course, serves as the basis…

Walking into the Future

Posted in Aging Services, Defense, Future, Futurist, Innovation

I recently delivered a keynote presentation to Care Providers of Minnesota–an association of aging services facilities. During my talk, I showed a snippet from this video of a parapalegic woman using a new robotic exoskeleton to walk. I suggested that in the not-to-distant future a number of people would altogether forego wheelchairs. The future is…

Personalized Medicine Will "Take Your Breath Away"

Posted in Aging Services, Cancer, Future, Futurist, Genomics, Health Care, Life Science/Pharmaceutical

New reports have demonstrated that certain skin-cancer treatments which target specific genes are yielding extraordinary results.  According to Hal Barron, chief medical officer of Roche, the findings “mark a major step forward in personalizing the treatment of metastic melanoma.” Said another doctor of the results, “[it] takes your breath away if you’re a melanoma doc.”…

Coming to a Phone Near You: Your Genome

Posted in Aging Services, Genomics, Health Care, Other

‘’It is not going to be long before every Australian will be carrying their genome on a smart card.” This quote is from Barry Marshall, a Nobel Lauraute, and echoes what I have been saying about the profound influence the sequencing of the human genome will have on society in the coming years.

The Future of Aging is About to Get Easier

Posted in Aging Services

I speak frequently to aging services associations around the country and I always like to show them the latest videos of where various technologies might be headed. To this end, I invite you to watch this two-minute video on the future direction of robotic technology. Be forewarned, however, the idea of a robotic bed that…

The Future of Aging

Posted in Aging Services

Early next month, I will be giving a presentation to the Wisconsin Association of Homes and Services for the Aging entitled “Jump the Curve to a New Future: 38 Ways Long-Term Care and Senior Housing Will Be Transformed in the Coming Decade.” As a sort of preview of the presentation, I’d like to share two…

iPhone + RFID Technology: A Practical Tool for the Elderly

Posted in Aging Services

As society grows older technology will increasingly be employed to meet the needs of our senior population. To this end, below is a cool video demonstrating how radio frequency identification technology (RFID) can help elderly people make calls from their iPhone. (Of course, voice recognition is a simpler and more elegant solution to this particular…


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