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Opportunity in Suburbia

Posted in Agriculture, Government

I’m in Newport, Rhode Island today to deliver the closing keynote address at the Farm Credit Corporations 2011 National Directors Conference. The title of my presentation is “Preparing for the Future: A Steep Unlearning Curve.” As I wrote on my other website today, change is the only constant. It is a message I intend to…

A Futurist Foresees 1000-Fold Increase in Robotics

Posted in Agriculture, Business, Exponential Executive, Futurist, Health Care, Manufacturing, Robots

This past spring, I discussed (in the video below) how the field of robotics could grow 1000-fold in the coming decade. In practical terms, I said this meant that certain industries use of robotics would increase “from thousands of robots to millions.” At the time, my prediction was met with skepticism by some in the…

The Future of Environmentalism: A Case Study from Tomorrow

Posted in Agriculture, Environmentalism, Ethics, Future, Futurist, Genomics, Unlearning

(Editor’s note: I was recently asked by The Food Ethic’s Council in London to contribute a short piece on ” a future ethical issue” as it might relate to food. Below is my contribution. As always, I’d welcome your feedback.) Rachel strolled down to her local grocery store and waved her smartphone across the package…

Sensing a Revolution

Posted in Agriculture, Business, Future, Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail/Marketing

A diaper that tells a parent when it needs to be changed; slippers that can tell if Grandma needs to visit the doctor; or an implantable antenna that can tell a farmer when “Bessy the cow” is in heat. Such applications are just the beginning of the sensor revolution. By the end of the decade, the…

The Tale of the Junky Carrot

Posted in Agriculture, Assumptions, Business, Creativity, Food, Innovation, Marketing, Opposite May Also be True, Perspective, Problems into Opportunities, Questions, The Way We See the Problem

What do you do if you want to sell more carrots? One thing, apparently, is to begin viewing the world from a different perspective. Recently, Fast Company, published this insightful article describing how the creative team at Crispin (an advertising firm) helped BoltHouse Farms increase sales of its pre-cut baby carrots. How did they do…

What Does Tomorrow Hold?

Posted in Agriculture, Change, Education, Future, Futurist, General

Wonderful interview with Ray Kurzweil on the Colbert Report. Fun futurist fact: “A teenager in Africa today has access to more information than the President of United States had 15 years ago.” The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Ray Kurzweil www.colbertnation.com Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive…

The Greener Pastures of Unlearning

Posted in Agriculture, Education, Energy, Problems into Opportunities

In yet another example of turning a problem into an opportunity, developers in New Jersey have used fallow land to install a large solar farm on Rutger's Livingston campus. To date, the solar farm has reduced the university's electricity bill by $235,000 and, better yet, earned it $1.4 million in clean energy credits. Related Post…

Rake Your Brain

Posted in Agriculture, Metaphor, One minute unlearning, Parable, Spiritual, Wisdom

After a long winter, I was finally able to get outside this past weekend and begin preparing my yard for the spring growing season. As I raked away the leaves, I thought the exercise was a fitting metaphor for what each of us should every now-and-again. When was the last time you raked your brain…

The Future isn’t Always So Precise

Posted in Agriculture

Personally, I believe that precision farming and self-driven robotic vehicles have a bright future. I also, however, understand how unforeseen events can have a negative impact on the development of beneficial new technologies. To this end, I encourage you to watch this recent YouTube clip showing how technology can something run amok. To save some…


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