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A Cool Vision of the Future

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace, Other

Airbus has recently revealed its vision of flying in 2050. In addition to the cool photo (to the right), the company expects “personalized zones” to replace the traditional cabin classes. (Unfortunately, it appears as though the overhead luggage bins will completely disappear in the future. No word on whether the peanut packages will get bigger…

Kwik Trip Charges into the Future

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace, Battery, Other

Kwik Trip (a convenience store in the Midwest) recently announced it would be installing free electric vehicle charging stations at 25 stores in three states. Critics were quick to point out the outlets only provide 110 volts—which won’t power a call for very long. This is true but it misses the broader point. Both rechargers…

Cruising Ever Faster into the Future

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace

Back in December 2007, I wrote this post on self-driving cars. At the time, I wrote that self-driving cars were not impossible but they were unlikely to be readily adopted. I still believe that many middle-aged drivers will only reluctantly turn over control of the steering wheel and that lawsuit-happy lawyers will slow the adoption…

A Mind-Controlled Car

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace

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Chevy Has Its Pulse on the Future

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace

Every December, I make a list of annual predictions for the forthcoming year. In late 2009, I predicted that by the end of 2010 approximately one-third of all automobile ads would emphasize a car’s ability to allow the user to engage with social media (See Prediction #1). I was off by a few month’s but,…

A Futurist’s Perspective on Transportation: Cars by the Slice

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace

Recently, I finished reading Clay Shirky’s excellent new book, Cognitive Surplus. One of the points he made which really struck home with me was his discussion of how “more” has a quality all of its own. To drive home the point, Shirky discussed how “pizza by the slice” works as a business model in big…

Oh, What a Day! The Future Forecast is Clear.

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace

As a futurist, I love days like today. First, Virgin Galactic conducted its first solo space flight today suggesting that space tourism will soon be a reality–just as I predicted earlier this year. Next, Google is demonstrating remarkable progress in self-driving automobiles–as I suggested back in 2008. If you don’t believe me, watch the video…

Automobiles’ QWERT-Like Future?

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace

The common “QWERTY” keyboard is the de facto keyboard across the English-speaking world. The QWERTY keyboard is not, though, the most efficient keyboard. That distinction belongs to the Dvorak keyboard upon which a properly-trained typist can reportedly type 20-30% more words per minute. This fact has been known for decades but, still, few people use…

Detroit’s Driver-less Future?

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace

This past week I had an opportunity to address the Detroit Economic Forum on the topic of “Leading in an Era of Exponential Change.” As a professional futurist, one of my responsibilities is to help people envision future scenarios which may be fundamentally at odds with their current thinking. (As I wrote in this piece,…

The Future of the Automobile

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace

Last year, I gave a keynote presentation on “Future Trends” to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. Since many of these trends are directly applicable to the automobile industry—which, as you known, is undergoing a bit of turmoil these days—I thought I would draw up a list of ten trends I see influencing the automobile industry…


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