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A Marshall Plan for Unlearning

Posted in Books, Politics, Questions

In 2005, I wrote a book entitled Soldier, Statesman, Peacemaker: The Leadership Lessons of General George C. Marshall. As a result, I have the opportunity to occasionally travel to Lexington, Virginia to speak at the Marshall Foundation. Recently, after one of my talks, I had the pleasure of listening to Terry Newell deliver a lecture…

Step Up to The Counter of Unlearning

Posted in Ask a New Question, Assumptions, Beliefs, Books, Business, Curiosity, Intuition, Lessons Unlearned, New Cards, Opposite May Also be True, Questions, See What Isn't There, The Way We See the Problem

I enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell's book, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, which discusses the value of heeding your intuition. It's a powerful idea. Unfortunately, it is incomplete. Often our intuition is wrong. The problem with Gladwell's book is that it never provides a counter narrative. That is he never tells those stories of people who trusted…

Don’t Fill in the Future with the Present

Posted in Books, Future, Futurist

A while back I read Dan Gilbert’s delightful book, Stumbling Upon Happiness. In it, he explains that one reason people are horrible at estimating their future happiness is because they “fill in the gaps of the future” with the present. To explain, he uses a picture similar to the one to the right and notes…

Being Wrong Feels Like Being Right

Posted in Adult, Beliefs, Books, Failure, Genomics, Intelligence, Kindergarten, Lessons Unlearned, One minute unlearning, Paradox, Psychology, TED

Below is a wonderful talk by Kathryn Schulz, self described "wrongologist" and the author of Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error. I especially liked this statement of hers:"One of the problems with being wrong … is that it feels like being right." This is so true and it is one of the reasons…

Non-Pleasure for Pleasure’s Sake

Posted in Analogy, Behavior, Books, Change, Food, Less is More, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Opposite May Also be True, Paradox, Psychology, See What Isn't There, Wisdom

I am currently reading William Irvine's book, A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy and stumbled across this paradoxical — or, at least, counter-intuitive — idea: Denying yourself pleasure can lead to pleasure. How? Consider eating an ice cream cone or, perhaps, a pleasant dessert. Undoubtedly, such an experience would…

Orville Wright Did Not Have a Pilot’s License

Posted in Aviation, Beliefs, Books, Creativity, General, Innovation, Quotes, Think Like a Child

I'm currently reading Gordon MacKenzie's delightful book, Orbiting the Giant Hairball. Chapter 19 is the shortest, most insightful chapter I have read in some time. I will repeat it in its entirety for your reading pleasure: Orville Wright did not have a pilot's license.

An Easy Way to Gain Wealth: Unlearn

Posted in Books, General, Happiness, Library, One minute unlearning, Parenting, Quotes, The Way We See the Problem, Way We See the Problem, Wisdom

I was rereading Anthony de Mello's book, The Way to Love, last evening and this sentence caught my attention: The reason why you are unhappy is because you are focusing on what you do not have rather than on what you have right now. Interestingly, earlier in the day, I was reading Nassim Taleb's new…

The Tenacious Grip of Academic Orthodoxy

Posted in Books

I'm now in the middle of a wonderful new book entitled, The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World by Wade Davis. After a section describing the incredible skills and talents of Polynesian Wayfinders, Davis wrote this: "The story remind us, too, of the need always to be skeptical about the tenacious grip…

My 10 Favorite Books (on Unlearning) of 2010

Posted in Black Swans, Books, Business, Creativity, Illusion, Innovation, Unlearn Strategy, Wisdom

Dear Reader: It is the time of the year for lists, so I figured I would put together a list of the books which most influenced my thinking on the topic of unlearning this year. The list is in no particular order: #1: The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects by Marshall McLuhan….

The Fruits of Unlearning

Posted in Advertising, Analogy, Books, Business, Creativity, Humor, New Cards, Problems into Opportunities, The Way We See the Problem, Visual unlearning, Web 2.0

Yesterday, after delivering the opening keynote (on future trends) at Beyond 2010 in Edmonton, I had the pleasure of also delivering the closing remarks. Not surprisingly, I discussed the importance of unlearning. In between, however, I had the immense pleasure of listening to a wonderful speaker, Peter Hinssen, who is the author of a new…


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