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Think Week: Start Thinking About Tomorrow, Today!

Posted in Books, Business as Unusual, Future, Future Proof, Futurist, Leadership

With all due respect to Fleetwood Mac, many people “can’t stop thinking about tomorrow” because they never begin in the first place. Bill Gates’ solution to this problem is to dedicate one week a year to thinking about the future. He calls this week, quite unoriginally I might add, “Think Week.” Now, I can almost…

The Future’s Next Avalanche

Posted in Business, Business as Unusual, Change, Disruptive Technology, Future, Futurist

It has been said that you could study a grain of sand for a million years and never anticipate how a single grain might trigger an avalanche. With this metaphor in mind, I’d like you to contemplate a single sensor. By itself, it doesn’t amount to much. What happens, however, when 50 billion sensors are…

The Future Has Officially Arrived: Drone Delivered Beer

Posted in Agriculture, Business as Unusual, Crime, Defense, Future, Futurist, General, Humor, Robots

With summer just around the corner many of us will quench our thirst on hot days with an ice-cold beer. Now, thanks to some creative and innovative entrepreneurs in South Africa, you may soon be able to have that ice-cold beer delivered to you via a miniature drone. (See the 45-second video below). While obviously…

Look, Ma! No Hands! (Or Driver!)

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace, Business as Unusual, Future, Futurist, Transportation

Last month, I published my annual list of predictions for 2013 and although we are only three days into the new year my prediction that a leading retailer would begin to experiment with driverless vehicles appears close to happening. In this case, Navia, the creator of a driverless electric shuttle, has designed a vehicle capable…

Who Are the “New Amish” of the Future? You Perhaps?

Posted in Business as Unusual, Change, Future, Futurist

Earlier this week, I traveled to Waterloo, Ontario to deliver a speech on future technology trends. As I left the venue, I encountered an Amish family strolling down the highway in a horse-drawn wagon. The irony of this scene—especially when juxapositioned against remarks on our accelerating future—was not lost on me. I am not intimately…

Listen Up Carefully: You Can Hear the Future of Manufacturing

Posted in Business as Unusual, Disruptive Technology, Future, Futurist, Manufacturing, Music, Trends

In my latest book, Foresight 20/20: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow, I devote an entire chapter to how 3D printing will transform not only the manufacturing sector but everyday life. To understand how rapidly 3D printing is advancing, consider just these three unrelated developments from the world of music: 1. Bloomberg News is…

I See a Tailored Ad in Your Future

Posted in Advertising, Business as Unusual, Futurist, Retail/Marketing

Late last year, I released my annual list of predictions for the coming year. In my first prediction, I said facial recognition technology will “be used to change in-store advertising based on the age, gender, racial make-up or mood of the consumer in closest proximity to the display.” The Wall Street Journal is now reporting…

Beware of Overly Confident Forecasters – And Futurists

Posted in Business, Business as Unusual, Future, Futurist, Predictions

Nate Silver in his new book, The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail—But Some Don’t, makes a profound point: Certainty is actually correlated with making worse forecasts. Let me repeat that: Certainty is actually correlated with making worse forecasts. In other words, the more certain you are of your forecast or prediction,…

The New Normal is Abnormal

Posted in Business, Business as Unusual, Future, Futurist

There is no difficult way to say this: You’re dead. Like Bruce Willis’ character in the 2001 hit movie, Sixth Sense, you’re dead and you just don’t know it yet. If you hope to resuscitate your life, your company or your organization there’s only one thing to do: Stop conducting business as usual and embrace…


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