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Joy’s Law of Management

Posted in Ask a New Question, Beliefs, Business, Change, Culture, Curiosity, I Don't Know, New Cards

“No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” This quotation is widely attributed to Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems. Whenever you begin thinking that unlearning may no longer be necessary just remember this quotation. If nothing else, it should help keep you humble and open to the idea…

In the Process of Being Wrong

Posted in Ask a New Question, Assumptions, Change, Wrong

You’re right, of course. You are always right. (Just like me.) That is until you’re wrong. At which point you’ll say, “I was wrong.” Funny, isn’t it? Being wrong is such a black-and-white issue. We are right up until that very moment we are wrong. At which point we’ll then say, “I was wrong.” Notice…

Who Are the “New Amish” of the Future? You Perhaps?

Posted in Business as Unusual, Change, Future, Futurist

Earlier this week, I traveled to Waterloo, Ontario to deliver a speech on future technology trends. As I left the venue, I encountered an Amish family strolling down the highway in a horse-drawn wagon. The irony of this scene—especially when juxapositioned against remarks on our accelerating future—was not lost on me. I am not intimately…

A Sign of the Times

Posted in Change, Futurist

For almost a decade now I’ve had the pleasure of being represented by one of the world’s finest speakers bureaus, Leading Authorities. I can still recall the immense satisfaction I felt after receiving in the mail my first contract for a paid speaking engagement. I excitedly signed the contract, stuffed it back in an envelope,…

Create a Mental Detour

Posted in Behavior, Business, Change, Culture

For the past six months a local bridge in my neighborhood has been undergoing a major renovation. Initially, I considered it quite a hassle because the bridge served as a link to my favorite grocery and liquor stores (and this summer has been very hot and I enjoy a cold beer!) Over time, I’ve adjusted. I…

Nina Meet Siri

Posted in Aging Services, Business, Business Model, Change, Education, Future, Futurist, Health Care, Higher Education, Retail/Marketing

As computers become ever more powerful, it’s difficult for some people to comprehend what will soon be possible. For example, after IBM’s Watson supercomputer defeated Jeopardy’s top two human champions, it might not have been obvious how the same technology would soon be helping doctors make better, faster, more affordable and more accurate cancer diagnosis….

Unlearning Lesson #26: Stop Looking for Patterns

Posted in Change, Unlearning

“We are so good at seeing patterns that, often, we see them where they don’t exist.” –Michael Mauboussin Question #26: If you flip a coin 14 times which is more likely to occur: a) The coin will land on “heads” 14 straight times (H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H); or b) this random outcome: T-T-H-T-H-H-H-T-T-H-T-H-T-T? The answer is that the…

The Future of the eBook

Posted in Change, Disruptive Technology, Do the Impossible, Education, Higher Education

I’m in Princeton, New Jersey today to deliver a keynote presentation on the future of the eBook. Many people want to know if “the book is dead?” That’s the wrong question to ask. The correct question is this: Has the book ever been more alive?

Using the Road Not Taken to Unlearn

Posted in Behavior, Change, Games, Utility

One way to unlearn is to begin A Notebook of Things I Don’t Know About. Another way is to document “the roads not taken.” According to this article one way to change your behavior is to document actions you didn’t take. For example, if you wish to save money and protect the environment by driving…

The Future's New Rules of the Road

Posted in Change, Creativity, Disruptive Technology, Future, Higher Education, Innovation, Unlearning

“It’s sad that we never get trained to leave assumptions behind.” “We should question all the rules–we should break all the rules.” “I like to put myself in the most uncomfortable position.” These three wonderful quotes (found in this article: What’s Next for Silicon Valley) come from Sebastian Thurn, the iconoclastic thinker and doer behind…


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