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Self-Education is the Key to Your Future

Posted in Change, Education, Higher Education, Quotes, Unlearning

The future is accelerating. The rate of change is itself changing and becoming ever faster. One of the consequences of this state of affairs is that knowledge is becoming obsolete at an ever accelerating pace. This leads to a paradox: Education is becoming both less and more important at the same time. It’s becoming less…

Pause, Reflect and Unlearn

Posted in Ask a New Question, Assumptions, Behavior, Beliefs, Change, One minute unlearning, Wisdom

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” –Mark Twain The path of unlearning can be steep and, often, the first step is the most difficult. The reason this is so isn’t necessarily because the journey ahead is so arduous (although often it can be), it…

Ask Siri About the Future of Parenting and Education

Posted in Change, Education, Innovation

My kids are a little older now but, as a young parent, I recall growing weary at the end of a long day responding to their seemingly endless number of questions. “Dad, why is the grass green? Dad, why is the sky blue? Dad, why is the caution light yellow and not blue? Dad, why…

Future Proof Yourself: See What Isn't Yet Here

Posted in Change, Future, Futurist

One reason people are frequently caught by surprise by the future — be it the emergence of a new technology, the disruption of an old business model, or an unexpected shift in human behavior — is because they make the assumption that just because something has never happened in the past that it never will…

Step Into Your Discomfort Zone

Posted in Behavior, Change, Creativity

Why would you ever want to knowingly step into a discomfort zone? For one reason, you’re more likely to make a new, different and more meaningful connection. For instance, did you know that if you’re in the market for a new job you are more likely to learn of a new job from someone outside…

The Strange Case of the Disappearing "B's"

Posted in Business, Business Model, Change, Disruptive Technology

Blockbusters, Borders, Brittanica, and Best Buy. They all begin with the letter “B” and they are all disappearing. Surprisingly, the underlying cause of each is the same: Digitization. In the case of Blockbuster, Netflix has been digitizing movies and films for some time now thus rendering video rental stores obsolete. Amazon and its Kindle e-book…

Knot Unlearning … or Not Learning?

Posted in Adult, Behavior, Change, Kindergarten

The very first post I ever wrote on this blog explained the story of how I first came to appreciate the importance of unlearning. The piece (No Strings Attached) recounted the story of how I had tied my shoes “bunny ear style” for 37 years before I finally unlearned that habit and relearned how to…

10 Future Mobile Trends for CIOs to Consider Today

Posted in Business, Change, CIO, Disruptive Technology, Mobile

At the end of March, I’ll be traveling to Hong Kong to deliver a keynote presentation at SingTel’s CIO Day 2012. In preparation for the talk, I recently reviewed Cisco’s Global Data Traffic Forecast Update for 2012-2016. Here are ten interesting facts CIO’s need to be contemplating today: 1. Monthly global mobile data will surpass…

Eight Questions for Innovative Educators

Posted in Aging Services, Change, Creativity, Education, Higher Education, Innovation

(Editor’s Note: I’m currently working with the Office of Resource Development and Innovation at the Minneapolis Public Schools to deliver a four-part leadership development series on future technologies, the need for “unlearning” and the importance of change management. The office is currently seeking grants applications for innovative blended-learning school models and, in order to help…

Ford's Faux Futuristic F*ck-Up

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace, Business, Business Model, Change, Social Media

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on Ford and other automobile company’s efforts to entice young drivers into buying their products by offering vehicles that can stream Internet music, access news and podcasts, and even “send a tweet.” I’m sure some consumers will be intrigued by the ability to have their car send a…


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