Jack Uldrich
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Unlearn or Die Even More Unneccesarily

Posted in Black Swans, Current Affairs, Defense, Food, General, Health Care, Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Military_, Pharmaceutical, Terrorism, Travel

A few weeks back I had a posting  entitled "Change or Die … Unnecessarily‚ÄĚ in which I provided a few examples of how our inability to unlearn could, quite literally, cost some people their lives. Well, the other day, one of my favorite thinkers, Josh Wolfe, sent me a copy his weekly newsletter, The Forbes/Wolfe…

Unlearning Advertising

Posted in Advertising, Business, Education, Food, Games, General, Jump the Curve, Marketing, Media, Newspaper, Retail, Travel

The price of 3-D cameras is falling fast. One of the implications of this is that soon advertisers and retailers will be able to produce new and more interactive methods of communication. I have written about this idea before, but I’d really encourage businesses that rely on advertising and marketing to rethink how this new…


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