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Unlearn Your View of Colors … and People

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Take a look at the picture to the right. Do you see the green and the blue spirals? Amazingly, they are both the same color. (For a detailed explanation read this  article in Discover Magazine.) This optical illusion, which shows how our mind uses neighboring colors to make inferences about other colors, is a wonderful…

Unlearning from Video Games

Posted in Creativity, Culture, Education, Games, General

Think that video games lead to violence or anti-social behavior? Or that only male teenagers play video games? Or perhaps you are of the opinion that video games have no educational value . Well, think again and prepare yourself to unlearn. I strongly encourage you to read this post which highlights many of the recent…

Practice Your Unlearning Game

Posted in Business, Culture, Current Affairs, Education, Games, General, Innovation, Stories, Unlearn Strategy

On December 30, 1936, over 17,000 fans packed into the old Madison Square Garden to watch Long Island University, the country’s top-ranked basketball team, take on Stanford. It was slated to be a great game. Long Island was putting up its 43-game winning streak up against the reigning Pacific Coast Conference champions. More than that,…

Unlearning Common Sense

Posted in Culture, Games, General, Unlearn Strategy

Imagine you were on a game show and were told that behind one of three doors there was a new car and goats behind the other two. You are then allowed to select one door. The host then opens a second door and reveals a goat. The question is this: If given the option to switch…

Why the Healthcare Industry Must Be Prepared to Unlearn

Posted in Games, Health Care, Nanotechnology

In my many talks, presentations and speeches on the future of health care, one of the things that I really try to impress upon my audiences is the importance of unlearning—that is letting go of old knowledge or old ways of doing business. This is an incredibly hard thing to do, but if one wants…

Unlearning Video Gaming

Posted in Games

According to this article, Steven Spielberg says the future of gaming “will certainly be virtual reality.” If this is true and, personally, I believe it is manufacturers, designers and players should begin thinking now about how — and what — they will need to unlearn in the near future in order to prepare for this…

Unlearning 101: Lesson # 10 — Change Your World View

Posted in Anti-Library, Creativity, Culture, Games, General, Innovation, Unlearn Strategy, Unlearning 101 Episodes

In honor of today's lesson, I'm adding Abraham Maslow's "Toward a Psychology of Being" to my anti-library. The reason is because Maslow has said that one compoent of becoming self-actualized is the ability to "change one's worldview."

Unlearning 101: Lesson # 9 – Think Visually

Posted in Anti-Library, Creativity, Education, Games, General, Innovation, Unlearning 101 Episodes

Today's addition to my anti-library is "The Age of the Unthinkable: Why the New World Disorder Constantly Surprises Us and What We Can Do About It," by Joshua Cooper Ramo.

Unlearning 101: Lesson #7: “New” is the New “Knew”

Posted in Anti-Library, Business, Creativity, Games, General, Innovation, Unlearn Strategy, Unlearning 101 Episodes

Today's addition to my anti-library is Jonah Lehrer's Proust was a Neuroscientist.

Train Your Mind to See Different Views

Posted in Creativity, Education, Games, General

        Over the past year, the image of the “dancing lady” (to the right) has floated across the Internet in a viral fashion. Its popularity is due to the fact that some people see the image turning counter-clockwise, while others see it moving it a clockwise direction. (The general theory is that…


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