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What Are The Questions?

Posted in Assumptions, Leadership, Questions

Have you ever been in a meeting where, at the end, the leader asks “Any questions?” It is an innocuous question. In fact, it sounds as though the leader is open-minded and encouraging questions and discussion. Often, though, the question is offered in the unsaid but implicit tone that the leader has made everything so…

Draw Your Answer, Please

Posted in Ask a New Question, Design, Human Resources, One minute unlearning, Perspective, Questions, The Way We See the Problem

“Answer a question you wish we’d asked.” This is a question Harvard University now regularly asks its MBA applicants. It’s an insightful question and, if you use it, it may help you unlearn because its open-ended nature embraces the very distinct possibility that you will be exposed to insights and ideas that might never have…

More is Not Always Best

Posted in Ask a New Question, Business, Business Models, Business School, General, Happiness, Human Resources, Innovation, Less is More, Management, Psychology, Questions, The Way We See the Problem

If you are a manager and want to position your company or organization to succeed in the future, I'd suggest changing the normal managerial question of "How do I get more out of my employees?" to "How do I get the best out of my employees?" Why? because passion, energy, creativity and innovation aren't easily…

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know!

Posted in Business, Human Resources, Questions

"When I come back, I want you to explain to me something complicated that I don't already know." This is the question that Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, would routinely ask people he was interviewing in the early day's of Google's existence. It is an excellent question–and one I have recommended before–but, as this article…

A Powerful Question: What Don’t I Know?

Posted in Ask a New Question, Questions, Unlearning Curve, Wisdom

“How can we remember our ignorance, which our growth requires, when we are using our knowledge all the time.” Henry David Thoreau The author and poet Henry David Thoreau identified the crux of unlearning in the above quotation. Our growth requires we acknowledge our ignorance but this is a difficult to do when we are…

A Priceless Question Worth Asking

Posted in Ask a New Question, Happiness, Questions, Spiritual, Wisdom

I'm a huge fan of asking new questions. I also happen to believe unlearning can lead to happiness. I'd now like to combine the two and encourage you to stop asking the question: "How much money can I make" and instead turn the question on its head and ask: What's the minimum amount of money…

The Benefit of Sticking with Questions

Posted in Ask a New Question, Business, Curiosity, Lessons Unlearned, Questions

A while back I wrote this short post entitled The Secret to Unlearning in Seven Words. The seven words are "Give up on answers. Stay with questions." I just finished reading a wonderful article from Clayton Christensen, How Will You Measure Your Life? In it, he writes this:  "When people ask what I think they…

What Haven’t I Heard Before?

Posted in Questions

Asking a new question is a great way to unlearn. It can also spark creativity and help you see the world from a new and different perspective. One of the better questions to ask  those around you — or at the beginning of any meeting — is this: What haven't I heard before? (If you…

A Powerful Tool for Unlearning: So?

Posted in Assumptions, Beliefs, New Cards, Questions

That's not possible. It's a dumb idea. We've already tried that. That won't work. We need more resources. We need more money. We need more time. I'm not skilled — or smart — enough. There are a million reasons why we shouldn't try or do new things. Don't believe any of them until you answer…


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