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Moderating the Future Via Twitter

Posted in Advertising, Business, Data Mining, Future, Futurist, Politics, Predictions, Retail/Marketing

Late last year, I released my annual list of predictions for 2012. In Trend #3 on “Augmented Political Reality” I wrote: “a new wave of social media political consultants will monitor live Twitter streams and use the feedback to adjust candidates’ teleprompter speeches in real time.” To this end, this article (Why Viewers Could Soon…

The Future of Retail Isn’t So Foreign

Posted in Retail/Marketing

I speak to a great many retailers and retail associations and in the past year I’ve delivered keynote presentations to Target, HEB Grocery, Hy-Vee, the Food Marketing Institute and, early next month, I’ll be traveling to Chennai, India to speak on future trends to a small group of executives at PepsiCo’s Asian Region President’s Leadership…

Is the Future of Retail Here?

Posted in Retail/Marketing

Watch this recent video from Tesco about its innovative approach to entering the South Korean retail market and I believe you might see a glimpse into the future of retail: Related posts by retail futurist Jack Uldrich: Oh Say Can You See … the Future of Retailing Get Algo-“Rythm”

Tricking Your Taste Buds into the Future

Posted in Agriculture, Food, Future, Futurist, Innovation, Retail/Marketing

What if we could end childhood diabetes, fight world poverty and engage in a more sustainable form of agriculture just by tricking our taste buds? Sounds farfetched–if not impossible–doesn’t it? After watching this insightful TEDx talk by Homaru Canto and Ben Roche, two innovative chefs from Chicago, I think you might have a more open…

Get Algorithm

Posted in Algorithms, Business, Data Mining, Retail/Marketing

Data mining is going to be big business in the near future. To understand why, consider that the food retailer, The Schwan Food Company, has used data mining to bolster its revenue by 3 to4 percent. That might not sound like a lot but in the retail industry, it’s huge. According to this insightful article,…

In the Market for a New Idea?

Posted in Business, Innovation, Retail/Marketing

“Necessity is the mother of invention” or so it is said. I believe “necessity is the mother of innovation” and if U.S. and Western European companies wish to remain competitive in the future they’ll need to look to China, India, Brazil and Africa not just for new markets but for new ideas! In the food…

Futurist Jack Uldrich's Predictions for 2012

Posted in Agriculture, Cancer, Futurist, General, Health Care, Healthcare Futurist, Higher Education, Mobile, Predictions, Retail/Marketing, Social Media, Transportation

#1: In an attempt to appease consumer unease over the growing use of facial-recognition technology, a handful of retailers will admit prior to “Black Friday” that they have deployed the technology during the 2012 Holiday season but will claim they are using it only as a “safety tool” to monitor crowds and prevent unruly shopper…

Mobile Payments: Hope or Hype?

Posted in Mobile, Retail/Marketing

I recently gave a keynote presentation on emerging trends to a leading retail association. One of the trends I discussed was mobile payment. I’m optimistic about the trend in the long-term but pessimistic in the short to mid-term. This article and the accompanying Gartner graphic do a good job explaining my rationale.

Coming to a Workplace Near You: Gaming

Posted in Business, Future, Futurist, Gaming, Retail/Marketing

Striving to make everyday business tasks more engaging, a growing number of firms, including International Business Machines Corp. and consulting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd., are incorporating elements of videogames into the workplace. They’re deploying reward and competitive tactics commonly found in the gaming world to make tasks such as management training, data entry and brainstorming seem…

In the Future, It's All a Game

Posted in Business, Education, Future, Futurist, Gaming, Health Care, Healthcare Futurist, Insurance, Politics, Retail/Marketing

(Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, 20/20 Foresight: 20 Trends Which Will Transform Business in the Coming Decade, which I am writing with the able assistance of fellow futurist Simon Anderson, host of www.futur1st.com. This chapter covers trends in the emerging field of gaming dynamics.) A restroom in a Japanese pub might…


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