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Eustress and the Wisdom of the Lobster

Posted in Change, Unlearn Strategy, Wisdom

Rabbi Abraham Twerski has a wonderfully insightful 90 second YouTube clip discussing the growing capacity of lobsters.  In a nutshell, in order to grow larger, lobsters must first become uncomfortable in their existing shell and then they must discard the old shell before they can grow a new and bigger one. (I encourage you to watch…

A Stargazing Thought

Posted in Unlearning Lesson, Wisdom, Wrong

Here’s a thought to ponder the next time you go stargazing: Scientists now believe that instead of an estimated 100 billion galaxies in the universe,  there are one TRILLION! (Whoops, we were just off by a modest factor of 10!) To me this is a wonderful metaphor for our ignorance. No matter how smart we are (or…

Self Awareness Rule #1

Posted in Awareness, Unlearning Lesson, Wisdom

Rule #1: Self awareness is never a finished product.

The Wisdom of the Wind

Posted in One minute unlearning, Parable, Uncategorized, Wisdom

“How do you define wisdom,” asked the boy. “It is like harnessing the wind,” replied the old man. “What do mean?” “The wind can extinguish a candle or fuel a fire.” “So it’s all about applying things in the right dose,” said the boy. “Oh, it’s far more subtle that,” continued the old man. “It’s…

Searching for Wisdom in a Modern World

Posted in Wisdom

I enjoy and appreciate modern technology but it has its limits. Consider the proliferation of apps that have turned the ancient act of gazing up into the stars into a dry schoolroom lesson. To be sure, it is a powerful thing to be able to instantly identify planets, stars and constellations. In our pursuit of…

A Bolt of Insight

Posted in Lessons Unlearned, Metaphor, One minute unlearning, Parable, Wisdom

“What’s enlightenment,” asked the seeker. “I can only provide a metaphor,” replied the wayfinder. “Have you ever been in the darkness when a bolt of lightening suddenly illuminated all of your surroundings in vivid clarity?” “Yes, I have,” replied the seeker excitedly. “Is that enlightenment feels like?” “No,” said the wayfinder to the seeker’s immense…

Ask a Stranger: What Don’t I Know?

Posted in Ask a New Question, New Cards, Wisdom

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Of This One Thing I’m Certain

Posted in Quotes, Wisdom

I love this quote from Bertrand Russell: “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser men so full of doubts.” I think I like it almost as much as this one from G.K. Chesterton. Related Posts The Problem with the World: Me Know Doubt

Enough is Enough: Give Yourself Time by Committing Hara Hachi Bu

Posted in Behavior, Quotes, Unlearn Strategy, Wisdom

There is a Japanese word, Hara hachi bu. It means “eat until 80 percent full.” If you’re trying to lose weight it is a wonderful philosophy to abide by. Be forewarned, however, it isn’t easy to follow. This is because it takes the brain 20 minutes from the time the stomach is full until the…

Preparing for Non-Judgement Day

Posted in One minute unlearning, Parable, Wisdom

One day the student asked the traveler whether he was prepared for Judgement Day. He only smiled and replied, “I don’t know but if I faithfully practice non-judgement every day I think I’ll be prepared.”


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