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A Turn-a-Round Question

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U-turn "Do you have any other questions?" It is a common question. Usually, many of us answer "no." Sometimes this is because we really don't have any other questions but, other times, it is because we don't want to display our ignorance.

In my quest to unlearn, however, I have recently been turning around the question and by asking the questioner this question: "Are there other questions I should be asking?"

Not only it is disarming, it also displays an open mind as well as an awareness of things we don't know.

If you're lucky sometimes the questioner will respond with a new question you should be asking–and you'll either learn something new or unlearn something old.

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One thought on “A Turn-a-Round Question”

  1. Lonny Eachus says:

    Great idea. I love it.

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