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Unlearn Your Routine

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Unlearning need not be hard. In fact, I encourage people to start small. Here are ten quick actions you can implement before you reach your desk this morning to get you started down the path of unlearning:

1. Sleep 15 minutes later. The extra rest can increase creativity.

2. Shower with your eyes closed. This simple action will force you to utilize different senses.

3. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand. Your brain will engage underemployed synaptic connections.

4. Put your pants on opposite leg first. (If you normally step into pants left leg first, do it the right leg first.)

5. Read the newspaper backwards. You’ll be surprised by some of the stories you’d otherwise miss. (If you get your news online, visit a new website — like my other site at www.jumpthecurve.net.

6. Watch a different morning news program. Better yet turn off the TV altogether and instead watch a TED video or audit a free online course at UC Berkeley or MIT.

7. Try a new physical exercise. Your muscles adapt to your regular routines so exercise those muscles in a new way.

8. Have a salad for breakfast. It’s healthy.

9. Take a different route to work and turn off the radio. Use the time to think instead.

10. Stop at a new coffee shop for your pre-work caffeine jolt.

2 thoughts on “Unlearn Your Routine”

  1. Whew Jack, you scared me with your list, and I find that quite interesting. Actually, I already do #2, and have for years. And I used to do #5 for everything I read that wasn’t an academic book, which people thought was crazy and it probably was.

    But for the rest… I bet that rattles some people’s cages like it did mine, but I guess the act of unlearning something is as strong as the act of learning something new. Good stuff.

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