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The Future is in Your Head—Really.

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The future is in your head—really. According to this informative article, researchers at Intel are working on a “brain sensing” chip that could allow an individual to control a TV, computer or robot simply by thinking about it.

Now, the article does say that the technology is 10-15 years away, but I’d encourage people to think long and hard about the prospects for this technology. To advocates, I would caution that legal, regulatory and political considerations may slow the adoption of the technology. But opponents of the technology should not, however, take comfort.

From my perspective, brain-computer interface (BCI) technology is inevitable and I think it could arrive—albeit in a limited form—in sooner than 10 years. As the world grows older, many seniors will be faced with the prospect of losing their independence and moving into assisted-living facilities. If BCI allows them the ability to maintain their independence, I believe that seniors—and not young, techno-enthusiasts—will lead the “brain chip” revolution.

As an analogy, recall that 50 years ago pace-makers seemed unnatural and were dismissed by most people. Today, two million people have the medical devices installed every year. And 30 years ago, in-vitro fertilization—or “test tube” babies—was similarly dismissed as “fringe” science. Today, millions of people have been born using the technology.

My point: What sounds odd today often has a way of becoming quite natural tomorrow. To this end, this is why I believe the future really is in your head.

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