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Put a Lid on Unlearning

Posted in Creativity, Design, Fuhgetaboutit, Retail

My good friend, Nate Garvis, has an outstanding post on his blog, Naked Civics. It’s about the¬†disposable coffee cup. This is no ordinary disposable cup, however. Through the use of elegant design, the new cup eliminates the pesky–and petroleum-based–plastic lid.

To my mind, the new design is a wonderful example of the importance of seeing the world in a new way and asking new questions. In this case, the designer saw the same plastic lids we’ve all seen but, by asking if there was a different to achieve the goal of the old plastic lid, saw a way to manufacture it out of paper.

Interested in other unlearning-inspired design? Check out this old post on toasters:

Unlearning the Toaster


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