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What Do You “Kno” About Books?

Posted in Education, Parenting

My daughter is in sixth grade and, for her age, she is on the smaller-size. Nevertheless, every morning I marvel as she straps on her backpack and trudges off to school. I'm pretty sure — pound-for-pound — she is carrying more weight than a Roman Centurion went into battle with 2000 years ago.

It needn't be this way. Watch this impressive video on a new tablet computer from Kno that allows students to highlight and make notes directly on book pages. My question is this: Why carry seven books when one thin computer will do the job — and carry a thousand more books and videos to boot?

The device has the potential to revolutionize education. The only question is whether teachers, parents and school administrators can unlearn their old ways.


Changing Education Forever from Kno Tablet on Vimeo.

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