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Pennies from Heaven & the Future of the Utility Industry

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Tomorrow, I will be giving a keynote presentation to Missouri River Energy Services entitled “Leading in an Era of Exponential Change: How to Jump the Curve to a Smarter Future.”

There are a number of reasons why the utility industry must change but I’d like to provide just one: Companies such as SunEdison are now deploying new business models which threaten to disrupt how many businesses will purchase their power in the near future. SunEdison’s model requires corporations to put forward no money to install solar panels on their roofs. In return for assuming the entire installation cost (plus continued maintenance expenses), SunEdison get to charge the businesses a presate rate for the next 20 years. It is a classic win-win situation. Staples gets clean, renewable energy for a set rate and SunEdison gets to sell any excess energy produced at a profit.

Staples is one company taking SunEdison up on its offer but I’m confident there will be more. Here is an article on their business model, but this is the operative quote for the utility industry: “The bottomline is that we’re able to purchase solar energy off our rooftops for less than electricity off the grid.”

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