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Futurist Jack Uldrich's Upcoming Keynote Speaking Engagements

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Futurist Jack Uldrich addressing the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce

Aug. 24: Life Science Alley (Minneapolis, MN)

Aug. 25: Care Providers of Minnesota (St. Cloud, MN)

Aug. 31: Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (Des Moines, IA)

Sep. 7: Savannah Ocean Exchange (Savannah, GA)

Sep. 13: Farm Credit Corporation (Newport, RI)

Sep. 17: New York Healthcare Association (Saratoga, NY)

Sep. 19: TEDx 1,000Lakes (Grand Rapids, MN)

Oct. 6: LOMA Emerging Technology Conference (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Oct. 15: TEDx Manassas (Manassas, VA)

Oct. 20: Tealwood Corp. (Jackpot Junction)

Oct. 24: BioFibe 2011 (Winnipeg, MB)

Oct. 27: RusNano Conference (Moscow)

Nov. 2: Tennessee Hospital Association (Nashville, TN)

Nov. 10: 2011 Annual AgGateway Conference (Las Vegas, NV)

Nov. 22: Iowa Institute of Cooperatives (Ames, IA)

Feb. 1: NET 2012 (Miami, FL) (Tentative)

Mar. 13: YPO, PA Chapter (Grantsville, PA)

Mar. 15: University of Virgina (Charslottesville, VA)

Mar. 28: WPO, St. Louis Chapter (St. Louis, MO)

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