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Jack Uldrich’s Friday Future 15: April 26, 2019

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Think: The First Law of Digital Innovation. Technology changes faster than people. Therefore, digital transformation is more of a leadership challenge than a technical one. As leaders, we all need to spend more time thinking about how we can bring our teams, employees, and organizations into the future.

Think Twice: Three Scenarios For Your Brand in the Future: If you have a brand, please think twiceyou could be on thin Ice! 

Think Quietly: 50-Year-Olds Can Have the Brains of 25-Year-Olds. To achieve a younger brain you must learn to think quietly. In other words, you need to learn to meditate.

Think Different: How Six Challenger Bank Startups are Taking on Incumbents. The time for banking executives to begin thinking differently is now!

Think Smarter: The healthcare industry needs to think smarter about leveraging new digital platforms in order to save lives–and save money. This article is a great place to start. A Medical App Uses Your Smartphone’s camera to Perform Lab Tests at Home.

Think Harder: Rethinking Authenticity. “Bringing your whole self to work” may not always be practical or wise.

Think Like a Child: Tesla Unveils Car Design Without Steering Wheel. Who says a car needs a steering wheel?

Think in Questions: Could your microbiome be affecting your mental health? Good question. The answer points to yes: Breakthrough Microbiome Study Links Gut with Neurobehaviors.

Think 10X: Wing Becomes First Certified Air Carrier for Drones in the U.S. This trend could easily grow 10X–think about it.

Think Bigger: The Mission That Motivates Us. The founder of the artificial meat company, Impossible Burgers, lays out his plan–and mission–for the future. He is certainly thinking bigger about the future.

Think Faster: Adidas Unveils Running Shoes That Never Have to Be Thrown Away. The “circular economy” is coming faster than many people expect. The prudent leader will spend some time thinking about what this means for her/his business.

Think Radically: New Aircraft Rises “Like a Balloon.” At least one company is thinking radically about the future of flight.

Think Anew: It’s Time For The Rise of E-Physicians. In today’s new era of digital health, doctors are going to have to think anew.

Think Sustainably: Welcome to Climate Change. The entire edition of this month’s “Technology Review” is dedicated to climate change. This short article offers a good overview.

Think the Unthinkable: The Bank of England is at least thinking about unthinkable things. An Open Letter on Climate-Related Financial Risks.

Want to think again? You can always revisit last week’s “Future 15”.

Until next week, remember: Don’t stop thinking about the future!

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