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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 15”: March 1, 2019

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Think: 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2019. MIT’s Technology Review’s annual list is always a good read, and this year’s list is no exception. There is plenty to think about.

Think Twice: Why Marshmellow’s Fortnite Show Will Prove Revolutionary for the Music IndustryThe digitization of the physical world isn’t just going to “revolutionize the music industry,” it is going to revolutionize every industry. Think Twice … you could be on thin ice.

Think Optimistically: Bill Gates Explains Why We Should All Be Optimists. The fact that humans can solve problems should give all of us reason to be optimistic. (Of course, humans can also cause problems but, as Gates and others argue, there has never been a better time to be alive in human history than today.)

Think Different: Daimler and BMW Spend $1 Billion on the Future of Transportation. The CEOs of Daimler and BMW are thinking differently about the future of transportation. They intend to create five new services: Reach Now (for multi-modal transportation); Charge Now (for charging EVs), Free Now (for taxi ride-hailing), Park Now (for parking), and Share Now (for car-sharing).

Think Smarter: Humanity + AI: Better Together. Artificial intelligence can help you and your company. It is time to begin thinking smarter about AI.

Think Harder: Magic Leap CEO: We Are Dead Serious About the “Magicverse”. As digital information is layered atop the physical world, how people experience the world will be transformed. Think harder about what this trend means for you, your business, and your customers.

Think Like a Child: The Future is Human. The future will require us to be curious … about the future. To stay curious, it may help you to think more like a child. Keep asking questions! 

Think in Questions: Are You a Confident Boss or an Overconfident Boss? Here are four questions to ask yourself.

Think 10X: Why We Will All Benefit from the Next Space Race. The cost of putting rockets, satellites, people, and supplies has been lowered by 10X. This will lead to great breakthroughs.

Think Bigger: FedEx’s Autonomous Robots Will Begin Rolling Out in Summer of 2019. Krogers, Dominoes, and Ford are all jumping on the trend of robotic deliveries. Think bigger about what this trend might mean for your business?

Think Faster5G: What’s Next? The transition from 3G wireless to 4G helped put the “internet in our pocket.” The transition to 5G promises to be even more disruptive. The technology is coming faster. You will need to think even faster.

Think Radically: The Perils of Short-Termism: Civilization’s Greatest Threat. What would it mean to you and your business if you thought about the impact of our actions on all of your future descendants? (This is a powerful article. If you read it, I encourage you to spend more than 15 minutes thinking about its implications.)

Think Anew: The Human Brain is a Time Travel Machine. A wonderful article by Steven Johnson. Being wise requires we allow our minds the space to wander. In other words, to think you must first give yourself the time and space to think.

Think Sustainably: AI is Predicting How Much Wind Google’s Wind Turbines Will Produce. The company estimates AI is boosting the productivity of its wind turbines by 20 percent. Maybe it’s time for you to begin thinking about how AI could help you lower your energy bill.

Think the Unthinkable: A World Without Clouds. If a world without clouds sounds unthinkable, you need to think again because it is a possibility. And, if it occurs, the planet could heat up by 8 degrees.

P.S. Do you prefer to do your thinking visually? If so, watch this video: Top 15 Global Brands Ranking (2000-2018) The world is changing fast.

Want to think again? You can always revisit last week’s “Future 15”.

Until next week, remember: Don’t stop thinking about the future!

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