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The Future Won’t Be One Size Fits All

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In my years working as a futurist, I’ve come to discover many people fear the future because they don’t—or can’t—see a role for themselves in it. They can only see how their job or industry might disappear.

This is myopic.

The future has never been one-size-fits-all and it never will be.

Want proof?

Consider the fact that you can watch a football game on a 2.5-inch screen on your smartphone; a large 84-inch flat-panel screen in your living room; or even a massive 120-foot screen in the football stadium itself.

If you can discern how, where and why your customers might want different experiences, at different times and from different perspectives, you will not only discover how you and your organization can remain relevant in the future, you’ll discover the real challenge won’t be finding a new opportunity in the future, it’ll be choosing among a myriad of opportunities that the future will present.

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