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A Billable Question

Posted in Business, Law

201030wbp003 The Economist has an excellent article on the wisdom of businesses and law firms alike continuing to rely on "billable hours." Often, billing by the hour does not align a lawyer's interests with those of his or her client; and, from the perspective a law firm, it has been estimated that between 10% and 30% of hours are never billed by tired and overworked lawyers. 

I find the latter statistic a little hard to believe but the idea of "billable" hours does seem to be an idea which has out-lived its usefulness. 

If your company continues to deal with lawyers on this basis, the question is: Why? 

Is it time for you to unlearn?

One thought on “A Billable Question”

  1. Stephen A. says:

    What are your suggestions for alternatives that is fair to the client AND the service provider?

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