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Unlearning the Importance of Car Seats

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ChildincarseatAs a father of two young child (ages 7 and 9), I have for years been dutifully strapping my children into their car seats every time we so much as go down the block for a short drive. Millions of other parents are undoubtedly doing the same thing and, like me, probably believe that because we have spent a small fortune (an estimated $300 million) on these sturdy devices with multiple shoulder straps and harnesses that they "must be" safer than the standard seat belt which comes with each vehicle.

They are not. I know this hard to believe but I invite you to watch this fascinating and insightful 19-minute video by Steven Levitt, the famed author of Freakonomics. If you do, I think you’ll agree that you need to unlearn the idea that expensive, complicated car seats are safer — and might actually be more dangerous in many circumstances — than your standard, old-fashioned seat belt.

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