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Speaker Ray Kurzweil vs Jack Uldrich: Leading Futurists

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In my business as a professional futurist and keynote speaker, my message is often compared to that of Ray Kurzweil’s—the noted inventor, author and futurist. And, to be honest, much of my thinking about the future has been influenced by Kurzweil. Nevertheless, in terms of style, how we deliver our respective messages about the accelerating pace of change are fundamentally different.

I have posted video samples of both of our work below but the difference can best be summed up by the idea that while Kurzweil focuses almost exclusively on technological trends, I focus more on how to help businesses and organizations think differently about the future.

To do this, I rely heavily on analogies and stories. I also spend more time outlining the skills—such as unlearning, becoming aware of “Black Swans,” ”Thinking Like a Child,” and ”Doing the Impossible”—which organizations will need in order to navigate tomorrow’s accelerating future.

Therefore, depending upon which type of futurist and keynote speaker your organization is looking for, you can either contact Ray’s speaker bureau or mine.

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