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The Key to Living

Posted in Happiness, Paradox, Spiritual

Death_embrace_us Do you want to live? I mean really live life to its fullest?

If so, think about death. Don't just picture yourself dead in an abstract way, I mean really think about it. Picture your body being cremated or, if you plan on being buried, your corpse decaying in its final resting place.

To many people this will seem a dark, depressing and disturbing exercise. 

Here's the irony, though. If you do this on a regular basis, it will help you determine what is truly important in your life. This, in turn, will focus your time, attention and energy toward those things which are most meaningful and enjoyable. 

The end result? More happiness!

My advice? Unlearn your fear of death and, instead, embrace it. It may well end up unlocking the key to living.

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