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Robots Score! Do Humans Lose?

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The other day I discussed why the field of robotics is advancing at an accelerating rate. To add some visual evidence to this thesis, I encourage you to watch this short, 15-second video demonstrating how a robot is now regularly beating the world’s best air-hockey players:

Undoubtedly, the idea of a robot beating a human at something as trivial as air hockey might elicit nothing more than a collective yawn from the masses, but I’d like to suggest that this is a serious issue that society needs to come to grips with now. If a robot can beat a human at air hockey, why can’t it also build a house or clear away garbage (ala the latest movie sensation, Wall-e)?

The answer is that robots will soon be able to do these tasks, as well as a variety of others, which were once considered the sole domain of humans. The resulting displacement of human labor is sure to cause a severe backlash among those put out of work. The time to begin thinking of how to retrain these workers for new careers in the 21st century is now.

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