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The Tale of the Junky Carrot

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Feature-100-the-new-junk-food-2 What do you do if you want to sell more carrots?

One thing, apparently, is to begin viewing the world from a different perspective.

Recently, Fast Company, published this insightful article describing how the creative team at Crispin (an advertising firm) helped BoltHouse Farms increase sales of its pre-cut baby carrots.

How did they do this? I'll let you read the whole article but they began by questioning assumptions. To wit, one executive said he wanted carrots "to be junk food."

This might sound ridiculous but his reasoning was sound: Baby carrots share many of the same characteristics as junk food — they're "neon orange, crunchy, dippable, and kind of addictive." (The team at Crispin also argued that it was only slightly silly to spend money telling people that carrots were healthy.)

I would submit that Crispin's work is not only an excellent example of seeing the world differently and questioning assumptions, it is also a wonderful example of turning a problem into an opportunity.

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