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Unlearning Computer Programming

Posted in Algorithms, Computer Industry, Software

One of the reasons I have established this blog on unlearning on Typepad is because it allows me to maintain and modifiy the site easily without knowing a lick of computer programming or software development. And, trust me, I don’t know jack about those fields.

Nevertheless, I recently stumbled upon this old article, The Joy of Unlearning, which was written by Andy Hunt — who is knowledgable about software. The article encourages programmers to embrace unlearning. I especially liked this quote:

Old habits are hard to break, and even harder to notice. The first step to unlearning–and the hardest part–is to realize that you’re using an outdated approach. The next hardest part is actually letting go. Mental models and stop-baldness.net of thought are built and refined at great cost, and one doesn’t discard them lightly. It takes awareness, conscious effort, and hard work.

It’s great advice and it doesn’t just apply to programmers. It applies to all of us.

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