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Buckle Up and Unlearn

Posted in Advertising, Automobile, Behavior, Culture, Education, Parenting

This past weekend three young women between the ages of 13 and 16 died in a car crash in my home state of Minnesota. They weren’t wearing seat belts. (On Sunday another six died in a separate accident. They also weren’t wearing seatbelts). If you still don’t wear a seatbelt, please watch this emotionally powerful…

The Art of the Lasting Impression

Posted in Advertising, Business, Creativity, Culture, Innovation

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to give a presentation on "Unlearning 101" to 100 or so professionals in the Minneapolis area. Afterwards, as commonly happens, I received a thank you gift from the event's sponsors. Unlike every other such gift I have ever received (and I've received plenty), I will not only proudly display…

10 Things Marketers Should Consider Unlearning

Posted in Advertising, General, Marketing

Tomorrow morning I will be giving a presentation on unlearning, the topic of my edmeds24.com book, to the Executive Marketing Guild in Minneapolis. As a hint of what I'll be saying, here are 10 things marketers should consider unlearning: #1: The "Tipping Point" or the idea that marketers can "influence the influencers." (See "Unlearn the Tipping Point.)…

Unlearning the Tipping Point

Posted in Advertising, Business, Marketing

In Fast Company a while back there was an excellent article entitled "Is the Tipping Point Toast?” by Clive Thompson. I’d strongly recommend that marketing executives and anyone else interested in the idea of unlearning read it.   What I like about the article is that it challenges conventional wisdom and provides further evidence that…

Unlearning Strategy: Put One Foot in Back of the Other

Posted in Advertising, Architecture, Creativity, Education, Future, Games, Innovation, Marketing, Quiz, Unlearn Strategy

"Every mile you go in the wrong direction is really a two mile error. Unlearning is twice as hard as learning." — Unknown Question: Imagine the Roman Numeral equation below is made out of ten toothpick sticks such that “I” equals one stick and the “X” “+” and “=” all represent two sticks: XI +…

When Data and Decisions Collide: Unlearning Needs to Result

Posted in Advertising, Automobile, Business, Culture, Education, Future, Health Care, Human Resources, Internet, Marketing, Philosophy, Politics, Science, Transportation, Unlearn Strategy

Fellow blogger and change agent, Seth Godin, has an excellent post today entitled "When data and decisions collide." In it, he recounts numerous examples of people ignoring data because it doesn't line up with their "hunches" — or what people think they know but "just ain't so." Godin is pessimistic about the time it will take most…

Unlearning the Escalator

Posted in Advertising, Culture, Current Affairs, Humor, Innovation, Music, Transportation

Unlearning is simple. Sometimes, as this hilarious video demonstrates, it is as easy as walking. Other times, however, it requires a little more creativity. For a wonderful example of how society might want to unlearn our heavy reliance on the escalator, I invite you to watch this short video:

To Be Persuasive, Unlearn

Posted in Advertising, Business, Current Affairs, Education, General, Politics, Psychology, Unlearn Strategy

Writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Mark Bowden has an excellent commentary entitled "The lost art of influence." At one point he writes, "Being persuasive is hard, because it demands you consider that you might be wrong. To refute opposing points of view capably (and winningly) you must first really hear opposing points of view." Admitting…

To Unlearn: Try Reading the Newspaper Backwards

Posted in Advertising, Agriculture, Automobile, Black Swans, Books, Business, Creativity, Current Affairs, Education, Energy, Future, General, Innovation, Internet, Marketing, Newspaper, Publishing, Unlearn Strategy

In my 2008 book, Jump the Curve: 50 Essential Strategies to Help Your Company Stay Ahead of Emerging Technologies, one strategy I encourage people to employ from time to time is that of reading the newspaper backwards. Why? Because it can help you more clearly see where the future is headed. This, in turn, will…


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