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Unlearning Lesson #20

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Unlearning Lesson #20: Mix Up Your Mind “The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above the water.” –Sigmund Freud Question #20: According to the latest research, IQ accounts for what portion of career success? e. 50 to 60 percent f. 25 to 49 percent g. 23 to 34 percent…

The Goal

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“If I were to want one thing,” asked the student, “what should I want?” “Not to want,” replied the traveler.

Making the Most of Your Ignorance

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In a world of accelerating knowledge one of the more unfortunate side-effects is that our ignorance grows even faster than our knowledge. (This is because all that “you don’t know” is naturally growing faster than that small amount of new knowledge you can and are absorbing.) This might seem like a depressing notion but it…

Study to Be Quiet

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Isaac Walton’s motto was “Study to be quiet.” It’s a wonderful saying and holds a great deal of wisdom. In this era of smartphones, email, Twitter, and 24-hour news, we all need some quiet time for reflection. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Being quiet is, surprisingly, hard. It requires work. It might even…

A Healthy New Question

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I speak frequently on the topic of unlearning to the healthcare industry. As a result, I’m always scanning the horizon for insights which seem to turn the “conventional wisdom” of healthcare on it’s head. Recently, I came across this article describing how some healthcare innovators are asking new questions to determine the best treatment option…

One Way to Unlearn

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Here’s one way to unlearn: Begin paying more attention to people who were never taught “what not to do.” Related Posts Think Like a Child Draw Outside the Lines The Benefits of Keeping a Child-Like Mind

Sitting in the Shade of the Tree of Unlearning

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The traveler and the child were resting under a tree when the child asked, “What new insights have you come to lately?” The traveler looked up at the child and paused a long time before answering. “It’s not so much that I’ve come to any new insights lately as it is I’ve learned to drop…

The Future Requires Unlearning & Uplearning

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By Jack Uldrich & Rick Smyre On August 5, 1949 Wag Dodge and a team of fire-fighters were air dropped into Mann Gulch in Montana to battle a raging fire. The conditions were hot and dry. As evening approached, the fire changed directions and hot embers flew over the heads of the crew and ignited…

A Board of Reverse Mentors

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I’ve written about the importance of getting a “reverse mentor” on numerous occasions. I recently happened upon this article highlighting Tesco’s decision to create an advisory board of children ages 9 to 12. To be sure, the board’s directive is focused on a narrow area but the idea of tapping into the creative energy of…

Unlearning & the Future of Food

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What if we could end childhood diabetes, fight world poverty and engage in a more sustainable form of agriculture just by tricking our taste buds? Sounds farfetched–if not impossible–doesn’t it? After watching this insightful TEDx talk by Homaru Canto and Ben Roche, two innovative chefs from Chicago, I think you might have a more open…


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