Jack Uldrich
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The Hyper-Interactive Experience of the Future

Posted in Business Model, Change, Internet/Information Tech, Social Media

I’m in Dallas today to deliver a keynote presentation to the National Multi-Housing Council. The title of the talk is quite lengthy, “How the Internet is Creating a New Type of Consumer; Why Social Networks are Essential Anchoring Tools; and How Great Storytelling and Extended Relationships Will Enable Businesses to Engage with Customers in New…

Futurist Sees More Virtual Nurses

Posted in Business Model, Change, Health Care, Healthcare Futurist

Yesterday, I was in Minneapolis where I delivered a presentation on future trends in healthcare at United Healthcare’s first-ever Health. Inspired! event. Today, I’m in Nashville, Tennessee to deliver a keynote on “Why Future Trends in Healthcare Will Require Unlearning.” The two issues really fit together and this recent Technology Review article (The Virtual Nurse…

20-Somethings to Drive Future Change

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace, Business, Business Model, Change, Future, Innovation, Insurance

A series of recent articles suggest that future earnings for “20-somethings” may be depressed in the future. That might very well be the case, but economists are historically awful at predicting how future technologies will disrupt old industries and jobs, create entirely new ones as well as change human behavior in some unexpected ways. Regardless…


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