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Speaking of Jobs: A World of Possibilities

Posted in Business, Business Model, Creativity, Education, Future, Futurist, Innovation

Yesterday, I shared how Google’s new “Project Glass” might soon allow users to receive real-time voice translations of foreign conversations and, thus, render the need to learn a second language unnecessary. Many people–especially pessimists–immediately grasp how the technology might cause some foreign language instructors to lose their jobs. This is overly simplistic. I’d also encourage…

Will Learning a Foreign Language Be Unnecessary in the Future?

Posted in Business, Disruptive Technology, Education, Future, Futurist, General, Innovation, Internet/Information Tech, Predictions

Last week, I shared with you 10 ways Google’s new “Project Glass” might change the world around us. Smithsonian is now reporting that some clever innovators are already experimenting with the technology to deliver real-time foreign voice translation. The video below is a little slow and the wearer’s googles look quite unappealing but I encourage…

The Strange Case of the Disappearing "B's"

Posted in Business, Business Model, Change, Disruptive Technology

Blockbusters, Borders, Brittanica, and Best Buy. They all begin with the letter “B” and they are all disappearing. Surprisingly, the underlying cause of each is the same: Digitization. In the case of Blockbuster, Netflix has been digitizing movies and films for some time now thus rendering video rental stores obsolete. Amazon and its Kindle e-book…

This Trend Won't Stay in Vegas: Self-Driven Cars

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace, Business, Future, Futurist

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” In the case of one emerging technological trend this won’t be true. On March 1, 2012 the state of Nevada will make it legal for self-driven cars to operate. Initially, Google, BMW and other automobile manufacturers will use the law to continue to work on improving the technology….

10 Future Mobile Trends for CIOs to Consider Today

Posted in Business, Change, CIO, Disruptive Technology, Mobile

At the end of March, I’ll be traveling to Hong Kong to deliver a keynote presentation at SingTel’s CIO Day 2012. In preparation for the talk, I recently reviewed Cisco’s Global Data Traffic Forecast Update for 2012-2016. Here are ten interesting facts CIO’s need to be contemplating today: 1. Monthly global mobile data will surpass…

Ford's Faux Futuristic F*ck-Up

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace, Business, Business Model, Change, Social Media

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on Ford and other automobile company’s efforts to entice young drivers into buying their products by offering vehicles that can stream Internet music, access news and podcasts, and even “send a tweet.” I’m sure some consumers will be intrigued by the ability to have their car send a…

A Window into the Future

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace, Business, Business Model, Education, Energy, Future, Futurist, Health Care, Healthcare Futurist, Utility

Corning Glass has created an impressive 11 minute video that offers a real “window” into the future. If you have the time, I highly recommend it … especially if you’re in the automotive, buildings & construction, education and/or health care industries:

Moderating the Future Via Twitter

Posted in Advertising, Business, Data Mining, Future, Futurist, Politics, Predictions, Retail/Marketing

Late last year, I released my annual list of predictions for 2012. In Trend #3 on “Augmented Political Reality” I wrote: “a new wave of social media political consultants will monitor live Twitter streams and use the feedback to adjust candidates’ teleprompter speeches in real time.” To this end, this article (Why Viewers Could Soon…

Affecting Future Behavior

Posted in Aging Services, Business, Business Model, Change, Creativity, Education, Environmentalism, Exercise, Future, Futurist, Gaming, Health Care, Healthcare Futurist, Innovation, Insurance

What if you could be enticed into saving more money just by being made to look older? What if you could be encouraged to exercise with greater regularity by appearing to be more overweight, and what if you could be made to become more environmentally-conscious by cutting down “virtual” trees. The aforementioned ideas might sound…

Get Algorithm

Posted in Algorithms, Business, Data Mining, Retail/Marketing

Data mining is going to be big business in the near future. To understand why, consider that the food retailer, The Schwan Food Company, has used data mining to bolster its revenue by 3 to4 percent. That might not sound like a lot but in the retail industry, it’s huge. According to this insightful article,…


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