Jack Uldrich
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The Beauty of Unlearning

Posted in Children, Girls, Parenting

Truth is not always what you see. Reality is more complicated but, I’d argue, no less beautiful. Watch this short 1-minute video to understand.

Teaching Kids to Live in a Multiple Answer World

Posted in Assumptions, Children, Creativity, Education, Future, Intelligence, Kindergarten, Parenting, TED

Ken Robinson (the presenter of one of the best TED talks I have ever seen) has, with the help of the fine folks at RSA Animate, produced another short video on the importance of rethinking–or unlearning–how we educate our children. I highly recommend it.  

No Strings Attached

Posted in Children, Education, Humor, Stories

Almost until I was 37 years old, I tied my shoes “bunny ear” style. That is I would make two giant loops and cross one over the other and tie it into a knot. I did this because that is how I was first taught to tie my shoes when I was four years-old. Oddly,…


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