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Future Headline: Worldwide Solar Farm Construction Forces Older Coal Plants to Shutter

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

Blockbuster recently announced that it intends to close 40% of its stores over the next two years. As professional futurist and someone who has been warning of this inevitability for the past few years, the news came as no great surprise. (I suspect it didn’t to a number of other forward-looking individuals as well.) All…

IBM Thinks 10X

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

A while back, I wrote an article suggesting that to prosper in the future executives should ”think 10X, not 10%.” In other words, people need to think exponentially, not incrementally, about emerging technologies. Today, the New York Times is reporting that executives at IBM are seeking to manufacture a new lithium-air battery which will be…

The Future is in Your Pocket

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

Later this month I will be speaking to the Texas Travel Industry Association about the future. As I have said before—and will say again—the future is already here; it just isn’t evenly distributed. To this end, I invite you to watch this short video from CNET explaining how augmented reality is coming to a phone…

Jump the Curve at Half the Price with the Latest Supercomputer

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

Last fall, in this article (Businesses Latest Tool: The Supercomputer) I explained how a variety of businesses were using Cray’s lsupercomputer to not only fundamentally transform their business processes but also save millions of dollars. Well, in yet another example of exponential growth, Cray has now cut the price of its latest supercomputer in half…

Your Future Personal Assistant Is In Your Pocket

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

Have trouble remembering peoples names? Or perhaps you just want to learn a little more about that attractive person standing across the room. Well, soon, the smartphone in your pocket will make you a little smarter. (Whether the person across the room will find you any more attractive, well, that depends on you. Hint: Just…

Will Wolfram Alpha Jump the Curve?

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

At 7pm (Central Standard Time) tonight, a new type of search engine—called Wolfram Alpha — will go live. There is still much that can go wrong with the program but, personally, I am very excited about the project and believe it heralds yet another step down the inevitable path toward artificial intelligence. All I can…

Can Google & Twitter Help Predict the Future?

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

The current recession has been particularly hard on two industries: travel and real estate. Professionals in these industries might be interested to know that the Internet’s latest exponential sensation, Twitter, might not only help them predict their future, it—along with Google real-time web search—might help those industries recover sooner by helping them better target their…

A Glimpse into the Future

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

The future is difficult—if not impossible—to predict. One reason is because technologies converge into another and often spin out in different directions. Below are a series of short videos covering advances in haptic technologies, facial amination, robotics, nanotechnology, rapid prototype manufacturing and voiceless communication (i.e. brain-computer interfaces). Now, start “mixing and matching” these technologies in…

Beware of Icebergs! Innovation is Accelerating!

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

This past weekend I read this brief article about Tim Berners-Lee on the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web. Here’s the operative quote, “The rate of development and innovation on the web is actually getting faster and faster all the time. The web is not all done. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.”…

A Brief History Lesson in the “Dangers” of New Technologies

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

Lady Greenfield, an eminent British professor, has warned that new social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook risk “infantizing” the minds of its younger generations of users. Her reaction reminds me of that of Aristole, who when asked about the value of books, warned that the then-new technology risked causing future generations to lose…


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