Jack Uldrich
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Unlearning the Hospital

Posted in Architecture, Construction, Health Care, Hospitals

For the past two days I have been in California working with a well-known construction company and architectural firm designing the hospital of the future. Due to the proprietary nature of project, I can't go into specifics with this post but I always begin such projects from the premise: What must we unlearn?   For…

Unlearning New Road Construction

Posted in Construction, Politics, Transportation

About the only thing I hate more than being stuck in traffic is being cut off by some idiotic driver who is yakking away on his or her cellphone and, thus, isn’t paying attention to the road. It might then surprise you to know that I’d actually like to see more cellphones being used by…

Unlearning Home Construction

Posted in Architecture, Buildings Trade, Construction, General, Manufacturing, Plastics, Real Estate, Retail

One of the things I really enjoy about studying emerging technologies is that the field constantly challenges my thinking and forces me to think differently about the future. To this end, I invite you to read this article on a new “print-a-house” construction technology. In the near future, it is possible that homes will be…


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