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Affecting Future Behavior

Posted in Aging Services, Business, Business Model, Change, Creativity, Education, Environmentalism, Exercise, Future, Futurist, Gaming, Health Care, Healthcare Futurist, Innovation, Insurance

What if you could be enticed into saving more money just by being made to look older? What if you could be encouraged to exercise with greater regularity by appearing to be more overweight, and what if you could be made to become more environmentally-conscious by cutting down “virtual” trees. The aforementioned ideas might sound…

The Future Requires Reverse Mentors

Posted in Business, Change, Creativity, Human Relations, Innovation, Leadership, Unlearning

For some time now, I have been advocating (here and here) the idea of getting a reverse mentor. (In fact, I even have a reverse mentor. His name is Simon Anderson and he is one of the most promising young futurists I know.) Why a reverse mentor? The world is moving so fast that it…

Are You Playing Russian Roulette With Your Future?

Posted in Books, Creativity, Future, Futurist, Innovation, Unlearning

The first chapter of my new book, Higher Unlearning: 39 Post-Requisite Lessons for Achieving a Successful Future, is entitled “Unlearn or Die.” To better appreciate why unlearning will be such a critical skill in the future, I’d like to share this paragraph from Josh Linkner’s outstanding article, Vu Deja: Tricking Yourself Into Looking At Problems…

Futurist Recommends More Science Fiction

Posted in Creativity, Future, Futurist, Innovation, Science Fiction

In my 2008 book on the future, Jump the Curve: 50 Essential Strategies to Help Your Company Stay Ahead of Emerging Technologies, I recommended that people should add “a healthy dose of science fiction” to their regular reading diet. Why? Because such writings can provide insight–and guidance–about future technologies as well as the future demands…

Goodbye Cubicles, Hello Garages

Posted in Business, Creativity, Future, Futurist, Health Care

Recently, Cisco announced that mobile web video communications are expected to grow “250-fold by 2015.” This has a number of implications but have you ever thought about how this change will impact office design? Cisco and Microsoft have. The former has discovered that 35 percent of it’s office cubicles now stand empty because its employees…

How a Futurist Looks for "Weak Signals"

Posted in Business, Creativity, Future, Futurist, Innovation, Weak Signals

One of the more valuable tools when attempting to anticipate future changes is to look for “weak signals.” As a professional futurist, I have developed a number of methods over the length of my career to help clients and audiences do this. First, I begin by framing the future. This “frame,” however, is usually much…

The Future is on the Fringe

Posted in Creativity, Future, Futurist, Innovation, Leadership

Take a look at the image to the right. It is a visual display of Everett Roger’s famous model of diffusion. I, however, want you to look at it differently. Consider it, instead, “an unlearning curve.” Conventional wisdom tells us that it is safe in the middle. Advertising and marketers frequently target their message toward…

In Praise of Absurd ideas

Posted in Creativity, Future, Futurist, Innovation, Other, Weak Signals

As regular readers know, I am a big fan of ”the power of play”—the idea that we need to reengage our inner-child if we truly want to innovate our way into the future. To this end, I’d invite you to read this article by Allison Arieff entitled ”Searching for Value in Ludicrous Ideas.” Related Posts…

Train Your Mind to See Different Views

Posted in Ambiguity, Business, Creativity, Exercise, Future, Futurist, Innovation, Leadership, Metaphor, Other, Weak Signals

Over the past year, the image of the “dancing lady” (to the right) has floated across the Internet in a viral fashion. Its popularity is due to the fact that some people see the image turning counter-clockwise, while others see it moving it a clockwise direction. (The general theory is that those people who see…

Think Outside the Box … Way Outside!

Posted in Change, Creativity, Exercise, Future, Futurist, Impossible, Innovation, Other, Weak Signals

Personally, I despise the saying “Think outside the box.” Nevertheless, as a result of exponential advances in technology people will need to learn to “jump the curve” in order to envision how different the future will be. To this end, I’d refer you to the graph to the right. If you are inclined to “think…


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