Jack Uldrich
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Black Holes of Ignorance

Posted in Analogy, Metaphor, Videos

Scientists have recently discovered two new black holes that are 10 billions times the size of our sun. 10 billion times! The discovery is quite impressive but scientists still don’t know much about these black holes. In this sense, the discovery is a fitting metaphor for our knowledge: As impressive as our knowledge is, our…

Zag Zig

Posted in Change, Creativity, Metaphor, One minute unlearning, Unlearning Lesson

It’s a common statement: “You’ve got to ‘zig’ when others ‘zag’.” It’s just as true then that you have to “zag” when others “zig.” What is often overlooked is that regardless of whether you first “zigged” or “zagged,” you may have to unlearn and “zag” back to “zig” or “zig” back to “zag.”

Portraying Heroes

Posted in Arts, Behavior, Beliefs, Metaphor, Perspective

This past spring I had the pleasure of visiting Paris with my family. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Rodin Museum. To my surprise, I came away enjoying Rodin’s “Burghers of Calais” far more than his most famous piece “The Thinker.” When Rodin created the piece for the city…

The Fog of Unlearning

Posted in Analogy, Beliefs, Education, Enlightenment, I Don't Know, Lessons Unlearned, Metaphor, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Perspective, See What Isn't There, Spiritual, Stories, The Way We See the Problem, Wisdom

I am in Iowa to deliver a keynote presentation (entitled “Why Future Trends in Healthcare Will Require Unlearning“) to the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative today. After working on my presentation early this morning, I decided to go for a walk at sunrise. The photo to the right offers a view of what I saw. As I…

What You Can’t See Is Just As Important

Posted in Metaphor, See What Isn't There

This photo is very cool but, remember, when looking at an iceberg "what you can't see" is more important than what you can see. It is a wonderful metaphor to keep in mind when thinking about our own knowledge–as great as it may be there will always be so much more that you don't know….

A Curious Connection? Brains, Mind Maps and the Universe

Posted in Creativity, Culture, Education, Future, Imagination, Metaphor, New Cards, Science

Take a look at the pictures to the right. The symmetry between microscopic neurons and a macroscopic galaxy is rather surprising. Is there a connection between the two? Honestly, I don’t know but I do believe the human mind is capable of discovering the answer. To this end, I invite you to watch this six…

Of Flexitarians, Knowmads and Twitter

Posted in Beliefs, Change, Culture, Curiosity, Example, Metaphor

I'll freely admit I'm just a wanderer in the world of social media but I love the new connections — to both people and ideas — that I derive from the medium. To this end, I recently asked @dougbecker what he meant by describing himself as a "flextarian" and he responded, "It's a loaded term,…

The Truth is Behind the Door: The World is Changing

Posted in Illusion, Metaphor

If your world changed would you recognize it? All of us like to believe we would. Unfortunately, this isn't true … as the older gentlemen in this video demonstrates: I (Note: It was because of such insights that Dan Simons' book, The Invisible Gorilla, made my list of the Top Ten Books on Unlearning for…


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