Jack Uldrich
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Unlearning “Land Bridges”: A Lesson for Scientists

Posted in Culture, Energy, General, Health Care, Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Politics, Science, Unlearn Strategy

In relative terms, the field of plate tectonics is still fairly new — becoming widely accepted only in the mid-1960’s. The idea that massive continents could have drifted apart over millions of years was, however, first expounded on by an amateur American geologist, Frank Bursley, in 1908. Bursley was struck by how the shape between…

Unlearn Your Mindset

Posted in Aging, Books, Creativity, Culture, Education, General, Health Care, Innovation, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Quotes

"Much of what we think we believe, we learned as a child, and to lead a fuller life you should never stop questioning what you do and looking at things in a new light." — Ellen Langer Until yesterday, I had no idea who Ellen Langer was. Now, I find myself wanting to purchase her…

Unlearning Happiness

Posted in Advertising, Business, Culture, General, Marketing, Neuroscience, Religion

Imagine you won the lottery. Now imagine you lost the use of your legs in a car accident. In a year’s time under which event would you experience more happiness? It seems like an idiotic question. The answer is obvious: the lottery will make us happier. The only problem is that this isn’t true. I…

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Posted in Communication, Culture, Current Affairs, Cybernetics, Future, Jump the Curve, Neuroscience, Science, Telecommunications, Virtual reality

Last week, a colleague of mine at Future Blogger, Alvis Brigis, suggested that the coming reign of online video broadcasting as the "most ubiquitous and accessible form of communication" may be short-lived. In its stead, he suggested that brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) may replaced it. To many people the idea of brain-to-computer or even brain-to-brain communication…

Unlearning the Nature of War

Posted in Black Swans, Books, Computer Industry, Defense, History, Internet, Military_, Neuroscience, Politics, Quotes, Robotics, Terrorism

In 2005, I wrote a book on General George C. Marshall entitled "Soldier, Statesman, Peacemaker: Leadership Lessons from George C. Marshall." One of my favorite quotes of Marshall’s is the advice he pounded into the heads of his junior officers: "Study the first six months of the next war." It was great advice in the…

Unlearning the Brain

Posted in Neuroscience

The other day I had a light-hearted post entitled "Empty Your Brain." The brain, however, is no light-hearted matter (or light-hearted gray matter for that matter). Hardly, a day goes by without some new finding emerging from the rapidly accelerating field of neuroscience that challenges our understanding of what we think we know about everything…


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