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Teaching Kids to Live in a Multiple Answer World

Posted in Assumptions, Children, Creativity, Education, Future, Intelligence, Kindergarten, Parenting, TED

Ken Robinson (the presenter of one of the best TED talks I have ever seen) has, with the help of the fine folks at RSA Animate, produced another short video on the importance of rethinking–or unlearning–how we educate our children. I highly recommend it.  

Food for Thought on Bike Helmets

Posted in Culture, Design, Education, Parenting, See What Isn't There

Did you know that in the year after a state mandates its citizens to wear helmets while biking that biking-related deaths for children between the ages of 5 and 15 fall by about 8 death per year. It is a small number but I think most reasonable people would say that it is a positive…

Move Differently to Unlearn

Posted in Change, Creativity, Culture, Curiosity, Education, Future, Games, Innovation, Music, Parenting, TED, Unlearn Strategy, Visual unlearning

Lately, I have been noticing an interesting trend: More people are paying attention to how physical movement affects learning. For example, the other day, the Wall Street Journal had a fascinating article about how handwriting can help improve idea composition and expression. Clive Thompson at Wired had a great piece on how drawing–and not writing–may…

Create Macro-Moments

Posted in Creativity, Culture, Curiosity, Education, Parenting, Wisdom

Recently, the New York Times had an interesting article entitled Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime. One study cited in the article suggested that people learned significantly better after a walk in nature. It is speculated that the human brain uses the downtime to take in and process new information. As someone who enjoys walking…

Practice Imperfection

Posted in Culture, Curiosity, Education, General, Paradox, Parenting, Unlearn Strategy

"Practice makes perfect." It is a message ground into us from our earliest ages. There is nothing inherently wrong with the message. In fact, it is something I emphasize to my own children. It is, however, an incomplete idea. This is especially true in a field where absolute perfection can't be attained — a field…

If It Goes Without Saying … Question it.

Posted in Assumptions, Business, Culture, Example, Happiness, Listen, Love, Parenting, Questions, Quiz, Religious, Unlearn Strategy, Wisdom

It is a curious phrase: It goes without saying. If it really "goes without saying," should you need to say "it goes without saying"? On a deeper level, though, I do believe it is worth exploring those things which truly "go without saying" in our relationships, in our workplace, and in our life. For example:…

Is Someone Drowning Right in Front of You?

Posted in Analogy, Behavior, Metaphor, Parenting, Wisdom

"Think drowning involves screaming, gasping, and flailing? Think it’s easy to notice someone drowning? Well, you’re wrong. Drowning is a silent killer. There’s no waving or calling for help of any kind. It's not like what you see on TV. Many people would not even notice another person drowning at just 30 yards away." The…

Let It Go

Posted in Behavior, Change, Games, Human Resources, Parenting, Stories, Unlearn Strategy, Wisdom

I have two children — ages 9 and 11. I love them dearly but they have been known to not play so nicely with one another on occasion. What I find really fascinating is how they can be at each other's throat one minute and then playing peacefully together the next minute. They have mastered…

The Most Important Thing: Questions

Posted in Creativity, Curiosity, Education, Innovation, Kindergarten, Parenting

"[Children don't] stop asking questions because they have lost interest: it's the other way around. They lost interest because they stopped asking questions." This simple and yet profound statement rests at the heart of a very serious problem facing America and, to varying degrees, the rest of the world: Our children are becoming less creative….

Halfsize It

Posted in Behavior, Food, Health Care, Less is More, Parenting

Many of us have been there: Staring into the mirror and wondering how we picked up those few extra pounds around our waists, hips, thighs, etc. In my own case, the answer is pretty simple. In addition to not exercising enough lately, I have also been eating too much. This past weekend my family and…


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