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Rules? What Stinkin’ Rules

Posted in Culture, Journalism, Media, Politics

I really like the photo to the right. I have no idea if it's real or if it's photoshopped but it makes a powerful point: What good are rules if they can't be enforced. I was reminded of this point yesterday after Wikileaks released the Afghanistan War Logs. As the following quote from this post…

Does Your Business Need to Unlearn?

Posted in Business, Consulting, Creativity, Culture, Innovation, Manufacturing, Marketing, Politics, Publishing, Unlearn Strategy, Unlearning Curve, Unlearning Network

As a leader you must nurture an organization that can rapidly adapt. Unlearning can help. Unlearning can also help you innovate. In fact, unlearning can even assure you and your organization survive. After years of work, I am pleased to report that I have now developed both a half and a full-day seminar designed to help organizations…

A $700 Billion Opportunity

Posted in Government, Health Care, Politics

Did you know that an estimated one-third to one-half of the$2.2 trillion Americans spend annually on health care is spent on unnecessary tests, treatments and doctor visits? What happens while people are undergoing these tests and procedures is that the body frequently heals itself. In other words, it is possible that Americans could save an estimated…

Unlearning What Works in Schools

Posted in Education, Politics

"From the local school district to the federal Department of Education, humility, caution and open-mindedness are in order. Because right now, the main thing we know about improving schools is that we don't know very much." This is the final paragraph from a thoughtful editorial by Steve Chapman. I encourage those who are confident that school vouchers…

Question the Wisdom of Experts

Posted in Business, Finance, General, Politics, Unlearn Strategy

   “I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.” John Cage     Question: Write the letter “E” on your forehead. (Go ahead, I’ll wait. You may also just trace the letter on your forehead if that’s more comfortable for you). Did you write the letter in…

Leader or Outcast?

Posted in Education, Illusion, Politics, Unlearn Strategy

Take a look at the picture to the right. Do you think of the lone fish as a leader or an outcast? If you are an American you are likely to consider it as a bold, independent leader. If, however, you are from Asia — where more emphasis is placed on group unity — you…

Unlearning Empty Space

Posted in Creativity, Culture, Current Affairs, Design, Politics

Artists can help revitalize urban spaces but first city planners and developers must unlearn some of their ideas about what retail spaces can be used for. To the right is a picture of an abandoned Blockbuster video store. Pictures like this are only going to become more common as people unlearn their reliance on DVDs and…

Why Unlearning?

Posted in Business, Culture, Education, General, Politics, Unlearn Strategy

To many people an emphasis on the concept of unlearning sounds like an oxymoron. After all, why focus on unlearning when all of us have so much learning to do?   It's a good question but I'm convinced that unlearning is a critical skill and should even be taught as early as kindergarten. The reason…

Teach Unlearning in Kindergarten

Posted in Culture, Education, Future, General, Parenting, Politics, Unlearn Strategy

Most of us have heard Robert Fulghum’s famous statement, “All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten.” It is a much loved and widely embraced statement because it holds a heavy dose of truth. I mean, really, who can argue against “playing fair,” “saying sorry,” “cleaning up one’s own mess,” and “learning some…

Rising Life Expectancies Require Unlearning

Posted in Aging, Business, Current Affairs, Education, General, Government, Health Care, Politics

My focus on unlearning has been borne from my work as a professional futurist. As I explain in this video, the future is changing so fast that as a people and society we must constantly change our worldview. To this end, the Wharton School of Business recently published an formative and insightful article entitled So…


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