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The News Industry Must Unlearn — Now!

Posted in Culture, Current Affairs, General, Media, Publishing

This past summer, on my other blog , I posted this article: To Survive the Future, the Publishing Industry Must Unlearn the Past . Today, I came across this excellent post on the "future of news" from David Martin. I strongly encourage you to read it and here are two excellent quotes from the article which I hope…

To Unlearn: Try Reading the Newspaper Backwards

Posted in Advertising, Agriculture, Automobile, Black Swans, Books, Business, Creativity, Current Affairs, Education, Energy, Future, General, Innovation, Internet, Marketing, Newspaper, Publishing, Unlearn Strategy

In my 2008 book, Jump the Curve: 50 Essential Strategies to Help Your Company Stay Ahead of Emerging Technologies, one strategy I encourage people to employ from time to time is that of reading the newspaper backwards. Why? Because it can help you more clearly see where the future is headed. This, in turn, will…

Is It Time To Unlearn How We Read?

Posted in Creativity, Culture, Design, Education, General, Publishing

Reading. Most of us do it every day and it is so ingrained from such an early age that it is difficult to imagine that there is another way of doing it. Yet, there is. Last summer, I had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Gordon, the vice president of marketing for Live Ink,…

Take a Course in Unlearning

Posted in Analogy, Business, Creativity, Culture, Education, General, Innovation, Jump the Curve, Neuroscience, Publishing, Stories, Unlearn Strategy

At the end of yesterday's post on learning to unlearning, I posed the following question: How does one learn a new gestalt? To begin a person must start by unlearning some things. But what things do we unlearn? For our purposes, a good place to start might be to imagine what a course on unlearning what…

Unlearn the Cellphone

Posted in Business, Design, General, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media, Nanotechnology, Publishing, Telecommunications

Technology Review has a good article on the extraordinary advances now being made in the field of flexible (and stretchable) electronics. It can sometimes be difficult to imagine both how these advances might lead to new products in the near future and why some product designers and engineers will need to unlearn many of their…

Unlearn Short Attention Spans

Posted in Business, Culture, Education, Hollywood, Marketing, Publishing, Television

It is easy to fall prey to the belief that Americans — especially younger kids — have short attention spans. Yet if this is true why did millions of kids flock to the Harry Potter books? (For the record, the last three books were 870,652 and 759 pages, respectfully.) In other areas, the same is…


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