Jack Uldrich
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Do Stop Believin’

Posted in Assumptions, Beliefs, Change, Culture, Education, Science, Unlearn Strategy

“Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true.” –Francis Bacon Question: True or false: Hypnosis is useful in helping witnesses accurately recall the details of crimes? False. Hypnosis helps people recall more information but not more accurate information. Yet, according to a scientific study, sixty-one percent of people still falsely hold this belief…

When Will We See What Isn’t There?

Posted in Autism, Health Care, Science

Seeing what isn't there isn't easy but I'm convinced it is an essential component of unlearning — which I believe will be of the most critical skills of the future. It will only become more important as the pace of technological change increases and knowledge spreads ever faster.  I have long felt the health care…

A Notebook of Things I Don’t Know About

Posted in Creativity, Culture, Education, Quotes, Science, Unlearn Strategy

"We know that we do not know all the laws yet … therefore things must be learned only to be unlearned again." Richard Feynman I am currently reading Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently by Gregory Berns and, although I have written about Feynman in previous posts and even mentioned him prominently in…

What Isn’t in the News

Posted in Agriculture, Business, Chemicals, Culture, Energy, Food, Health Care, Science

It was the biggest story of the year and perhaps the biggest story of the decade or maybe even this century. Surprisingly, it has quickly faded from the view of most people. What story am I referring to? It's not the BP oil spill. It was the announcement in mid-May that man had created artificial…

Someone Else Being Wrong Doesn’t Make You Right

Posted in Behavior, Energy, General, Science, Unlearn Strategy

I am preparing to speak to a major public power association early next week on the impact of disruptive technologies. Among other things, I will be discussing breakthroughs in solar, wind, biofuels, wave power, energy demand managment, and fuel cell technology. I will also being mentioning possible breakthroughs in the field of “cold fusion.” The…

Nanotechnology, Google & Unlearning

Posted in Books, Nanotechnology, Quotes, Science

As a professional futurist who has written two books on the topic of nanotechnology, including The Next Big Thing is Really Small: How Nanotechnology Will Change the Future of Your Business, but is now interested in how the skill of unlearning can help society better prepare for the future, I couldn’t but help notice this…

Freeing Research

Posted in Health Care, Science

Next month, I will be delivering my first keynote presentation on the topic of unlearning to a large healthcare trade association in the midwest. I'm very excited by the prospect because I believe there is so much hospitals, medical device manufacturers, insurance companies, medical teaching institutions and other healthcare providers have to unlearn.  To this…

A Bold Experiment in Unlearning

Posted in Books, Kindergarten, Parenting, Science

An interesting and fascinating study in the potential value of unlearning our association between money and motivation: A father is going to pay his children to play video games in an attempt to get them to play fewer video games. Will this counter-intuitive approach work? (If you want to understand the father’s logic either watch…

Science Accelerates Through a Process of Unlearning

Posted in Science

 "Researchers don’t publish negative results, they only publish positive results. But the negative results can lead to positive results.” The following quote might not appear revolutionary but I’d argue that is, in fact, quite extraordinary. According to this VentureBeat article researchers have now created a new website, www.researchgate.net, which has been dubbed a “FaceBook for…

Big Problems Don’t Always Require Big Fixes

Posted in Agriculture, Automobile, Books, Business, Creativity, Education, Energy, Government, History, Paradigm, Science, Stories, Unlearn Strategy

Big problems such as health care, feeding the world and addressing climate change don't necessarily require big solutions. In the 19th century, Ignaz Semmelweis helped save the lives of hundreds of thousands of women by getting doctors to wash their hands prior to assisting in the delivery of a new-born child. (Unfortunately, however, it still required the medical community…


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