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Do You Live in (a) Detroit?

Posted in Analogy, Automobile, Business, Change, Creativity, Manufacturing, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Transportation

I don't mean do you physically live in Detroit. Instead, I mean do you and your business live in an environment where you're surrounded by like-minded individuals. Living with — and around — people who think the same as you can be comforting but it can also be very dangerous. The fact that the "Big…

Dead Men Don’t Unlearn

Posted in Behavior, General, Human Resources, Insurance, Listen, Psychology, See What Isn't There, Stories, Traffic, Transportation

I know a few people who don't wear seat belts. Normally, as someone with libertarian leanings, I wouldn't have a problem with this. (This would almost certainly be the case if society weren't also required to pay for their treatment after they have been in an accident) My problem stems from those individuals who cite, as…

Stop, Yield & Unlearn

Posted in Creativity, Culture, Innovation, Traffic, Transportation

Recently, I posted an unlearning strategy which I entitled Engage in Some Situational Unawareness Training. Tomake my point, I started with a little quiz about the color of the yield sign. In this spirit, I’d like to share with you this short and informative TED presentation from Gary Lauder who proposes an innovative idea for a…

When Data and Decisions Collide: Unlearning Needs to Result

Posted in Advertising, Automobile, Business, Culture, Education, Future, Health Care, Human Resources, Internet, Marketing, Philosophy, Politics, Science, Transportation, Unlearn Strategy

Fellow blogger and change agent, Seth Godin, has an excellent post today entitled "When data and decisions collide." In it, he recounts numerous examples of people ignoring data because it doesn't line up with their "hunches" — or what people think they know but "just ain't so." Godin is pessimistic about the time it will take most…

Unlearning the Escalator

Posted in Advertising, Culture, Current Affairs, Humor, Innovation, Music, Transportation

Unlearning is simple. Sometimes, as this hilarious video demonstrates, it is as easy as walking. Other times, however, it requires a little more creativity. For a wonderful example of how society might want to unlearn our heavy reliance on the escalator, I invite you to watch this short video:

Unlearning Traffic and Roads

Posted in Creativity, Culture, General, Government, Traffic, Transportation, Travel

I pride myself on being open-minded. Nevertheless, I am constantly surprised at how often I find myself saying "I had never thought of that." To this end, a friend of mine recently introduced me to the concept of "shared space." In it's simplest form, the concept questions society's over-reliance on traffic rules and laws.  This article in Salon…

BMW Unlearns

Posted in Automobile, Business, Creativity, General, Innovation, Jump the Curve, Transportation

The German automaker BMW, in introducing its "Light Visionary Model" prototype automobile — which it dubs GINA (Geometry and Functions in "N" Adaption), writes this: "The key to affecting the development of tomorrow's mobility lies in our readiness to challenge what is established and in the ability to antihistamine-meds.com new options." In short, BMW is…

New Voice Recognition Technology Mandates Unlearning

Posted in Advertising, Algorithms, Automobile, Business, Communication, Culture, Education, Games, Jump the Curve, Marketing, Media, Politics, Software, Telecommunications, Transportation

Late yesterday, Google released a very cool new mobile application which employs voice recognition technology. The question is not so much what the technology can do today, the question is what will the technology be able to do in the near future—and how might it require professionals in the education, health care, and a host of other…

Unlearning New Road Construction

Posted in Construction, Politics, Transportation

About the only thing I hate more than being stuck in traffic is being cut off by some idiotic driver who is yakking away on his or her cellphone and, thus, isn’t paying attention to the road. It might then surprise you to know that I’d actually like to see more cellphones being used by…

Unlearning Bubbles

Posted in Investing, Quotes, Real Estate, Religion, Religious, Retail, Robotics, Sales, Science, Software, Sports, Stories, Telecommunications, Television, Terrorism, Transportation, Travel, Utility, Virtual reality, Web 2.0, Web/Tech, Weblogs, Wind Power, Wireless, Zenzizenzizenzic

The Internet, the real estate market, fuel cell technology, nanotechnology and, now, "clean tech" have all experienced an investing "bubble." In retrospect, it is easy to point to signs that the market was inflating to dangerous levels. It is even easier to suggest that such bubbles are a bad thing — precisely because so many…


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