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Put a Lid on Unlearning

Posted in Creativity, Design, Fuhgetaboutit, Retail

My good friend, Nate Garvis, has an outstanding post on his blog, Naked Civics. It’s about the disposable coffee cup. This is no ordinary disposable cup, however. Through the use of elegant design, the new cup eliminates the pesky–and petroleum-based–plastic lid.

To my mind, the new design is a wonderful example of the importance of seeing the world in a new way and asking new questions. In this case, the designer saw the same plastic lids we’ve all seen but, by asking if there was a different to achieve the goal of the old plastic lid, saw a way to manufacture it out of paper.

Interested in other unlearning-inspired design? Check out this old post on toasters:

Unlearning the Toaster


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