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10 Quotations on the Future of Education

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1. “There’s a tsunami coming.” Stanford President, John Hennessey discussing the future of online education.

2. “We are reinventing education. This will change the world.” Anant Agarwal, Head of edX, discussing the new consortium in this article. (Agarwal also called edX “the biggest change in education since the invention of the printing press” is this piece.)

3. “We learned that kids learn a great deal by themselves.” Nicholas Negroponte discussing the findings of his One Laptop per Child program in Ethiopia.

4. “It would take me 250 years to teach this many people at Stanford.” Andrew Ng talking about his new online university, Coursera.

5. “You are taking the cost of the credential down from thousands of dollars to hundreds of dollars.” Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy, discussing how “free” online educational establishments might create a viable business model.

6. “The ground is shifting under us in higher education.” Kevin Reilly, president of the University of Wisconsin system, commenting in the Wall Street Journal on why UW became the first university to offer bachelor degrees to students who must only take online competency tests to demonstrate their knowledge.

7. “It’s pretty obvious that degrees will go away.” Sebastian Thurn, founder of Udacity, in this article entitled, “How would you like a graduate degree for $100?

8. “The days of one school for four years are over … it just doesn’t make sense to pay top dollar to Accounting, Psychology 101, etc.” Mark Cuban in “Is Your College Going Out of Business.”

9. “MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are an intriguing, innovative new approach that holds much promise for engaging students across the country and around the world.” Molly Corbett Broad, president of the American Council of Education on its decision to consider certifying certain MOOCs for college credit.

10. “We are only in the first inning.” Salman Khan speaking to critics of the online education revolution.

Jack Uldrich is an education futurist and he will be delivering the opening keynote at the Association of Test Publishers 2013 “Innovations in Testing” conference. The topic of his talk is Foresight 20/20: Ten Trends Transforming Tomorrow and this post highlights just a few of the trends he will be addressing.

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