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Move Differently to Unlearn

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Beacon-roundabout.gif Lately, I have been noticing an interesting trend: More people are paying attention to how physical movement affects learning. For example, the other day, the Wall Street Journal had a fascinating article about how handwriting can help improve idea composition and expression. Clive Thompson at Wired had a great piece on how drawing–and not writing–may be a better way to communicate and understand ideas, and one of my all-time favorite TED videos is this talk (Are Our Schools Killing Creativity?) by Ken Robinson who stresses (among other things) that dance is critical to creativity.

If we can all learn differently by writing, drawing and dancing, it stands to reason that these same acts might also help us unlearn. As someone who typically learns by reading and writes via a keyboard, I intend to experiment with these unlearning tools. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

2 thoughts on “Move Differently to Unlearn”

  1. We’ll need some video of your dancing, some posted samples of your drawing and handwritten notes to let us know how this project is progressing. But DO it. Movement IS important. It is PLAY.

  2. I think innovative architecture also makes us move differently, so we discover and learn a new way to move. or maybe you would say unlearn former ways? cindy @urbanverse

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