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See the Future in Yesterday's Past

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The accelerating pace of change is often difficult for the average person to comprehend. As a futurist, business forecaster and frequent conference speaker, I have often use recent history to remind people of how much we’ve lived through in the past few years. For example, Google is only 13 years-old–a mere teenager. Facebook is just eight years-old (and often acts like it) and, it was only five years ago today, that Apple announced the iPhone!

Please keep this latter analogy in mind when you consider Google’s latest gadget: Project Glass. Watch the video below and then contemplate the many ways this technology can and will transform everything from how we view sports to how we view ourselves. My prediction is that the ability to effortlessly record things from our own perspective will manifest itself in some strange and unexpected ways by 2017. (I’ll be writing about some of these trends in the coming days).

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